Z hasn’t stopped blogging

I am still alive, if you were wondering.  It’s rare that I’m too busy to blog for more than a day or two, but this week has been that sort of exception.  However, I’m almost up there now, as long as I do the washing ready to be off again next week.  Back to back holidays aren’t an unmixed blessing.

It seems so long ago already, yet on Monday afternoon I was lying reading, rather greasy after an aromatherapy massage, two thousand miles away.  It was a lovely place and a week was not long enough, though I think we made the most of our holiday, including time spent simply relaxing.  On the last morning, I went and bought various herbs and spices to bring home. The woman from whom I bought walnuts, dried figs and garlic evidently did well out of me, because Wink and I received kisses when we said goodbye.  But it was a lot cheaper than here, I don’t mind in the least if she made a good profit.  It’s when you are a bit off the tourist trail and talk to the people who have grown the food you’re buying that you feel a connection with a place and those who live there.

I’m still a bit wiped out, it’s been quite a week. It’s fine though, all in hand (this is sheer bravado and said with fingers crossed, or they will be as soon as I’ve finished typing).  I’ve got a plate wobbling, but it’s not up to me whether or not it drops.  I’ve given all the others a good spin and they should last, as long as I check them.

I’m not a bit ready to go to Holland, except for changing Euros.  Well, I’m a bit ready.  I’ve got my ticket, money, passport, books.  All I need is toothbrush and clothes, really.  Oh, and I’ve got a lift to the airport, which will be early morning.  Holland.  Salty liquorice, gingerbread and chocolate are the presents my family can expect from me.

4 comments on “Z hasn’t stopped blogging

  1. Liz

    There’s always ‘stuff’ to sort out before and after holiday, isn’t there?

    Enjoy your next trip and I’m very glad you haven’t stopped blogging.

  2. nick

    I agree, it’s nice when you can feel that sense of personal connection with a place instead of just being a tourist passing through. Whenever I can, I try to find out something about the lives of the people who’re selling me tickets or serving me meals, so they aren’t simply someone doing a job. I also try to find out something about the economy of the place and how people make a living.

  3. Z Post author

    For a good many years, the sorting out before and after made holidays not worth having. I rely on them now, making up for lost time.

    Just looking them in the eye when you greet them and remembering the next time you see them is more than they get from most, Nick. Startling how shop assistants, waiters and such people are not treated as people by some, or so I have observed and have been told.


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