Seven years on

When Ronan was a little boy, he got on very well with his much older brother and sister.  When Alex was about ten and Ro was about two, we gave Al a book on making wooden toys and some tools, and the first thing he made was a set of ninepins in the shape of soldiers, with a plywood cannon as a chute for the balls.  It was especially delightful that he drew humorous expressions on the soldiers’ faces – happy, tearful, determined – Al has always had a light and skilful touch as a cartoonist.

Tomorrow, Pugsley will be seven and it occurred to me that he might like to do a similar thing for his little brother.  So I fished out the same book, and have bought tools, dowelling, glue and a measuring tape for him to try his hand at some carpentry.  Under adult supervision, of course.  The man at B&Q was delightful, very helpful and wants him to come along to the woodwork club they hold at the weekends – I think it’s too far for them to go, since they also have Squiffany’s gymnastics lessons in the other direction, but we can see if he likes it.

We met Weeza and co at B&Q because they are looking at wooden flooring for their big living room.  We have a substantial quantity of oak planks, but when we checked there’s only enough for about half the room and, having taken advice, it’s quite chancy with their underfloor heating.  Some wooden flooring is suitable, though, and we had a look.  We found two that might suit and are going to consult the chap who’ll lay it.

The house is looking good so far, though the only rooms habitable are two bedrooms and the kitchen – which is more than the previous owner achieved in seven years.  A sofa they can all sit on, their dining table and chairs, the television and all the kitchen units and equipment still leave them plenty of room, it brings home how small the rooms are in a modern house.  They will certainly need more furniture once the sitting room, some 10 metres by 9 metres (two and a half times the size of our drawing room, I’m desperately jealous), is in use.

While driving to their house, I had my second migraine in four days.  They’re the first this year, I’d hoped I wasn’t going to have them any more.  I ignored it, as I did the last.  Fortunately, I don’t have the dreadfully debilitating, three day sort that cannot be ignored and I’ve trained myself over the years to keep going, as that’s the quickest answer.  I’ll have an early night though.  Probably.

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