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The holiday isn’t going to be that much of a release from stress, I’m afraid, because I’m going to find it hard not to spend the week worrying about Russell, who had a bit of a run-in with a couple of parked cars on his way home from Norwich yesterday. He’s fine, Al and Dilly will sort things out, but you can understand that I’m quite anxious.

All is fine otherwise – well, we’re here and the hotel seems very good, though it was dark by the time we arrived so we haven’t seen much and, as soon as we had dinner (which we had to do in the half hour before the restaurant closed) I skyped Russell. Charlotte and Miriam (it’s M who’s staying in the annexe, C is her mother) were there too, having been out to dinner with him.

Wink bought a new suitcase for this trip, a friend having broken hers by picking it up by the extending handle. Very sensibly, she doesn’t buy black ones like most people do, and this time she chose purple. Quite distinctive. May I warn you, however, that if you are planning to buy a suitcase, this year’s colour is purple. There were at least half a dozen on the carousel and all their owners were quite disappointed to find it wasn’t an unusual colour any more. My grey and orange case was unique, however, which made life easy for me at any rate. And we finished The Times crossword on the plane.



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  1. nick

    My usual suitcase is grey and very similar to other suitcases so I always have to open it and check the contents to be sure it’s mine. Luckily I haven’t yet embarrassed myself with a suitcase full of bras and lacy knickers. I really should find a brightly-coloured ribbon I can tie on to it.

  2. janerowena

    I wonder if Russell needs glasses? Or a change of prescription if he wears them in the car? Oh dear though. Just caught up with past ten posts, I think you will need your holidays more than ever in future and just don’t let your family move again for quite some time. I am a sort of waiting room currently, my young niece has a brain tumour that was supposedly disposed of last Spring but has come back with a vengeance and they are going to operate in a few weeks at Addenbrooke’s, and I am nearer to it than she is so I have become an overnight stopover place for every check-up, and will have my sister staying with me during the time Beth is in hospital, a sort of convalescent home for all the family by the looks of it. What with trying to get Robert off to uni as well next week it has all been a bit fraught. What a summer. It has to be the most tiring and unrelaxing summer I have ever had. So – Wish I Was There.

  3. Z Post author

    You’d be deeply embarrassed by my case, Nick, or rather by its contents.

    There’s nothing I can do from here, Mago – yes, it’ll all be dealt with, but it’s an unexpected extra burden for my family and I’m concerned for Russell too.

    Dear Jane, how awful for you and your family. Puts my concerns in perspective. I’m so sorry, you’re doing a fine thing in being there for your sister and family – of course you are, no question of anything else, but you must be stretched to the utmost.

    When my mother was so ill at the time when Ronan was off to university, I had to say to him that I was not able to help as I normally would, that I’d do anything he asked or needed but that he had to think of those things for himself. He probably wasn’t entirely sorry that I wasn’t fussing around him. I was stretched as thin as I could be, and he coped perfectly well.

    I do hope things go well for Beth and best wishes to Robert. And love to you xxx

  4. Roses

    I’m so sorry to hear of Russell’s run in with the parked cars. You must feel awful being that far away.

    I know it’ll be fine. You need the break. Try to enjoy yourself darling and not worry so much…I know I’ve just typed that…it’s probably like telling you to stop breathing!

    Have another beer.

    @janerowena – hugs to you too darling.

  5. Z Post author

    No one was hurt, it’s a matter of admin in a sense, but he needs help and won’t let Alex and Dilly give it. I’ve been very firm with him on Skype and I hope he will accept their help now.

  6. Blue Witch

    Hope you’re managing to enjoy yourself in spite of everything – how’s the weather there now?

    Given recent events on the driving front, will Russell give up driving now? I only ask because I know of two older drivers who have been involved in bad accidents. The first (Mr BW’s great aunt’s second husband) killed himself, and the second killed a young woman and a toddler (daughter and grand-daughter of one of my Nice Ladies). In both cases, everyone around them was very aware that they should have stopped driving, but didn’t do anything about making a stand about it. Sorry to post this while you’re away, but it does worry me a lot. I don’t think my Nice Lady will ever get over what happened, and I’d hate to think of someone else being in the same situation because I didn’t ask a difficult (but obvious) question.

    1. Z Post author

      Mid twenties, thirty is forecast for the weekend. We’re quite high up – it’s a steep rise from the sea – so it starts to cool in the evening and early morning, not enough to need a jacket but possibly a light wrap. Sun still very hot, I can’t stay in it for too long.

      R’s driving has been quite all right when I’ve been with him, but it’s a matter to be considered again. I agree with you entirely, I know many people who have continued to drive when they’re not safe to do so (though no one who has caused the dreadful accidents you mention) and I think the safeguards are shockingly lax.


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