Doesn’t even have to hit the fan to cause problems

I don’t think it was entirely my fault that it was all taken to the last minute, events always seem to conspire, don’t you think?  Although there were a couple of things I could have got on with earlier, most of them ambushed me on the home straight.

However, I finished all I could by midnight yesterday and flopped into bed. Gus woke up at 5.30 – which is unusual, they are good sleepers – and I went and fetched him. He was cold, I think he’d kicked the bedclothes off. Then Zerlina woke, so Russell went and gave her a cuddle until she slept again. However, they both slept until 8 after that, so no complaints.

I scurried round this morning gathering up clothes etc and then planned to put the children in the bath while I did the ironing on the landing outside the bathroom. However, when I put Gus in the bath he cried and said it was too hot. It wasn’t, Zerlina said it was fine, but I added some cold water and he still said it was too hot. So I decided to wash her hair, finish with her bath and then put him in. He trotted off, naked, and when he returned there was something on his hand. Unfortunately, it was self-administered … no polite way to say this, he had had an accident. And he’d tried wiping his bottom with his hand. Washing the hand was one thing, but we then had find out where the poo had been dumped, which is surprisingly difficult.

Anyway. All sorted out, both of them bathed and dressed, I had half an hour spare to pack. Ro and Dora did a lovely barbecue, though the weather turned against us during lunchtime and we ended up in their conservatory, Ro valiantly barbecuing the while. Weeza and Phil used their two child-free days to good effect in the new house, I’m now down with Wink and we are leaving in the morning. I’m still problem-solving from a distance, I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to have holidays for.

Wink had got holiday money for both of us. Turkish lira are three to the pound, it seems, pretty well. That’ll be easy enough to work out.

R and I went to the Seychelles for our honeymoon. At that time, there were about 13 rupees to the pound. It was only a couple of years after decimalisation, so it seemed quite straightforward to remember that a rupee was worth 1/6 – that is, one shilling and sixpence.  Everyone else found that really hard, though. But honestly, it’s still decimalisation that comes hard to me. I was doing some calculations the other day and I found it alarmingly easy to get the decimal point in the wrong place. You’d never devise a system as complicated as the imperial weights, measures and currency, but basic arithmetic had much more purpose then and it all made sense. Now, a lot of people don’t appear to have much true understanding of figures, even though they seem simpler.

I assume I’ll have wifi in the hotel, in which case I’ll be about during the week. Otherwise, I’ll see you in about nine days’ time. Take great care of yourselves, darlings, while I’m not about to look after you. Toodle-pip xxx

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  1. Geiger

    Well, let’s see if this works. I am my cat! You all know me as Di, Diane, Dinahmow. Now you can think of me as a black cat called Geiger….
    And I have forgotten what I was going to say!
    Probably just “happy hols” to Zoe. ..


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