Z has wheels

Mark was, in person, as helpful as he’d been on the phone. We went in and the Sage said “We’re the ones whose car had all the problems.” You might think, in a garage, that this was not quite enough clue, but he knew us at once, greeted us and fetched the car key – which he gave to me – and the invoice, which he took us through and explained to us (we’d had them do a full service while they were about it). He still pitched his manner at the right level of friendliness without familiarity or subservience. I managed not to put my foot in it this time, though I suspect he already had my measure.

Ro came with us (he’s got some time off work) and he and I went to the cinema afterwards. As we arrived home, the Sage greeted us with “Excellent timing. Dinner’s just ready.”

Today, it’s Ro’s birthday. His present should arrive – I bought him a Wii, as I think that no one should be too old for toys. Also, I rather want to play with it myself. Squiffany is planning a party for him this afternoon. We suspect there will be balloons and pass the parcel as well as a gaudily iced cake.

The postman has just arrived (he won’t be bringing the Wii, which is coming by courier). I heard him say, to Tilly, “Morning, sweetheart, good girl.” I heard her crunch a biscuit.

9 comments on “Z has wheels

  1. stitchwort

    So terms of endearment for the dog, as well as the garage hand? But the poor lad never got a biscuit.

    P.S. At court, whenever a superior type person called me “dear” (bearing in mind I’m nearly 6 ft tall and wore a black gown at work), I used to reply “thanks petal”, with a straight face and a Hampshire accent – didn’t half frighten them.

  2. The Boy

    And does the car perform as expect now? I hate all that palaver then you get the vehicle home and it dies again…

    BTW, much ado about nothing with endearments. If he is as most in this world he either barely registered it, or thought fondly of you. Sounds like a good sort.

  3. Z

    The postman doesn’t call me sweetheart, however, nor does he give me biscuits. Maybe a packet of chocolate Hobnobs to Mark, next time I pass by?

    I take all endearments, however patronising they are meant to be, as genuinely friendly, and that is effective too, because disconcerting.

    The car is fine, Boy, and I’m to take it back in 500 miles time for a check. How quickly one gets used to driving another, however – I stalled it twice, once at a traffic light, and clipped the edge of the pavement in the multi-storey. The Sage’s car isn’t as wide as mine…

  4. Dandelion

    My postman arrived too! With Amazonian Goods.

    It sounds like yours is maybe a bit frightened of Tilly. Postmen giving biscuits to dogs – sounds like self-preservation behaviour.

  5. Z

    Ooh, the joy of Amazon.

    A lot of postmen carry biscuits – always worth endearing yourself to dogs. She rushes out wagging her tail and he hasn’t much alternative but to feed her!

  6. Imperatrix

    Oooh, stitchwort, you made me laugh out loud!

    Nice mail carriers are worth hanging on to. Perhaps you should give *him* some biscuits, on Tilly’s behalf.


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