Doesn’t ‘holiday’ suggest ‘fun’?

I went to buy a couple of cards – birthday card for Ro and congratulatory card to friends who’ve recently had a baby – and in came a tall thin well-spoken woman, loudly apologising for her noisy child. She had a quiet little girl with her. As I left, the same woman had gone outside and was telling her daughter, who looked scared and shocked, to “Stay THERE and be GOOD and keep an eye on HIM.” By the wall was a small boy with vivid red hair, straight and rather long with a pelmet fringe. His mouth was wide open in a soundless wail and both front teeth were missing.

I felt sorry for the whole family. The summer holidays have only just started and the tether is already stretched to its endurance. Still six weeks to go.

9 comments on “Doesn’t ‘holiday’ suggest ‘fun’?

  1. Honey

    oh drats someone saw us?!
    only kidding, I have moments when I’m (one of the many) best mm’s in the world, and others where I am, quite frankly the worst. Luckily it’s just moments.. the rest of the time I get by!

  2. Z

    Hello, Honey and welcome. I read your blog the other day (is that how you came here?) but didn’t feel able to jump in and leave a comment in the situation you are in at present.

    The mum sounded abrupt and scary, but I’ve no idea how much the kids had been winding her up all morning. Let’s hope they all calmed down and went to play in the park afterwards. With icecreams on the way home.

  3. The Boy

    The joys of family life. Most of the time love and fun, some of the time angst and anger. So long as the former far outweighs the later all is well.

    We managed out hols all right. Had to defuse a bit of angst between our eldest and youngest (whom he thinks is spoiled, he just doesn’t remember how he was treated at that age…)

  4. Anonymous

    Worst childhood vacation..a day trip via boat. Unbeknownst to us one relative was there with her rowdy friends on a senior trip AND there was a fraternal order miniconvention. Rowdy teenagers, partying old men. We could hardly wait to reach the destination and relax for a few hours before return trip.


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