Z has just one thing in common with Janus

I cannot contemplate looking back, only forward.

Roses and I were talking a few minutes ago and she says that at least 2015 will be different.  I said that if it isn’t better, I don’t want to go there.

Whatever 2014 has been like for you, I wish you a bright and happy 2015.

Lots of love from Zoë

5 comments on “Z has just one thing in common with Janus

  1. Rog

    Onward & upward Dear Heart!

    I think it was a shame you were pipped to the part by Miranda Richardson in the new Mapp & Lucia production but I think she is channeling your good self.

    Have a lovely and exciting 2015!

  2. Z Post author

    I’m rather shocked at the image you have of me, Rog, I now have to retreat into a state of self-searching.

    Thank you, John dearest, I will come and see you soon.

    Roses, 2014 was different from any other year and look where it took my family. This year will be different too, that’s a given. Different isn’t enough for me, I need to believe it’ll be better, whilst knowing that it may not be. My friend Sophie once told me that her second year of widowhood felt worse than the first.


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