Z doesn’t start as she means to go on

Weeza and Phil had been invited to a party, so were going to ask me to babysit.  Then their friends decided to ask the children too, as all their intended guests had kids about the same age – they could have tea and play and then stay for a sleepover.  So they kindly invited me along (to the grown-ups’ party, I can read your minds, darlings) too.  Next, they thought it would be best if everyone stayed the night.  Now, they are my kind of hosts!

When they moved into their new home a couple of months ago, Weeza was shown round by Sarah and she enthused to me about it and we looked it up, it was still on Rightmove.  It was that house that gave me the idea of moving to a riverside home.  It is a gorgeous house, modern and spacious, with two small islands, a slipway and a boathouse that gives them seclusion from the river itself.  I’d not want anything that large, but the situation is wonderful.

The other friends did the first course, our hosts did the main, Weeza did pudding and took a fabulous bottle of vintage (1977) port that her boss had given her about a year ago.  I provided nibbles beforehand, while the children were eating – olives, chorizo sausage with Manchego cheese, grilled and marinated red peppers with feta cheese, cheese straws.  We also polished off the children’s leftovers – a party that starts at 6 pm and won’t finish until after midnight requires plenty of food.  The eighth at the table was Sarah’s mother, down from Yorkshire for the holiday.

I can’t remember the last time I drank as much as that, it’s a good job that it was over six hours because we all packed a lot away.  By midnight, when the champagne came out, I had to concentrate hard not to have slight double vision, though I know that’s largely because of wearing one contact lens and having different sight out of each eye.  All the same, it was a combination of tiredness and I don’t know how much alcohol.  When we finally got to bed around 2 am, I slept very soundly.  And we hung around for a long time in the morning, eating bacon sandwiches.  Then I went for a walk down to the river with Elizabeth (Sarah’s mum) and her dog and the situation was just as lovely as I thought and has absolutely confirmed my hope of where to live.

Roses kindly fed the chickens and Anastasia for me and asked me in for a cup of tea when I got back.  Later, I had a long, hot bath and then curled up on the sofa and went to sleep.  I’m going to retreat to bed soon with my iPad and watch a film or something on Netflix, to take advantage of the quietness of the day.

I didn’t have a hangover, thank goodness, but I think my liver could do with a chance to recover, so I’m staying off the booze for a day or two.  This is not going to turn into some sort of detox, though.  A few days is plenty.

No resolutions this year, though it’ll be a year to be resolute.

As Vicus would say, love and peace.


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