Z has downs and ups

The Sage has made a small alteration to the catalogue, so Weeza and I have made the changes, taken the photos and Weeza has given me the latest PDF on a memory stick for, we hope, the final proof-read.  Though I’m not printing it tonight, it can wait until tomorrow.  But there’s always so much to do, how am I going to ever get it done?  I’ve got three meetings tomorrow, two at the school and one here, with our insurance broker, and I’m falling behind on my other work and the garden needs so much done at this time of the year.  I’m trying very hard to keep a balance, being under quite a lot of pressure, so took much of today off with Weeza and Gus, but all that means is a bigger backlog.  I used to be able to get a lot done in the evenings or early mornings, but I get too tired now and need a long time to unwind or I don’t sleep.

Sometimes, honestly, I think that a proper 9-5 job and then come home and get on with domestic stuff would be far easier.  Too late for me, though, I’m not going to do it now.  I’m close to juggling deadlines, though, and am feeling the stress of it.

Oh bum.  Sorry.  This is the upbeat blog, where I remind us all that life is splendid and every moment to be appreciated.  And I certainly did enjoy today.  We went to the very good little café at the local garden centre for lunch and then went and mooched around looking at plants.  We spent a lot longer than we’d planned because Gus went to sleep and so, since he would have woken on being put in the car, we stayed, walking and talking, until he woke up again.

Good news of the day is that the Head has just become a grandfather again for the third time, though the first baby for the couple concerned.  I’m sure I’ll see photos before the week is out.  Like the Sage and me, he and his wife are doting grandparents.

And I’ve just had an email from Dilly asking us to join them for Squiffany’s birthday tea next Tuesday.  And the family will all be together on Sunday.  So I’m going to stop worrying and enjoy life after all.  What else is there to do?

8 comments on “Z has downs and ups

  1. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Z:
    It really does seem to us that you are possibly taking on too much. From all that we read on your posts, the commitment which you make to the school as Chair of Governors is way beyond what most people are prepared to give, or would even think necessary. Your Head is most fortunate to have you. But, that aside, you are still running a house, looking after your family, helping with the business, writing a daily post for your blog, etc. etc. so it is little wonder that you become very tired and then cannot sleep. Yes, it is good to be active and to be involved fully in life but there does come a time when some kind of reappraisal of all that you are doing is required. Perhaps you are at that point? Forgive us if this sounds like a lecture, it is not intended as such.

  2. Z

    Yes, I’ll get it all done, I always do and yes, I take on too much and I know, but never can control, that there are certain times of the year when all chickens come home to roost together. What my problem is, timewise, that I’ve been determinedly taking time to have fun with the family and relax – this is putting me behind on work. But of course it should be my priority! Right now, I can’t let people down and must plug ahead.

    If I do a reappraisal and give things up, it would have to be those jobs that I enjoy and where I feel valued. So I don’t want to. There are a few obligations that I would be glad to give up but there isn’t anyone to take over and I don’t like to let people down.

    Anyway, thank you for your kind comments, I’m fine really – must get on and fill out my visa application form now or I won’t have time to go to the post office before school.

  3. allotmentqueen

    Perhaps you need to be more forceful in giving up the jobs that you don’t want to do. After all, one day you really won’t be around to do them, and there might not be any notice of that. Better for them if you ease yourself out in advance.

    Still, as they say, if you want a job done, ask a busy person.

  4. Christopher

    Quite right, Z. Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities; forget about your worries and your strife – I mean the bare necessities, Old Mother Nature’s recipes, that brings the bare necessities of life.
    (Lord Chesterfield, Sundry Virtues and Vices, 1744)

  5. Z

    I might well drop dead, AQ, thanks for the reminder! In fact, I am well aware of it – oh, this could make a post later.

    Thank you, Mike’n’Ann and Chris. That was my downfall, taking the odd day off. If I keep my nose to the grindstone, I don’t have these panics. Still, you’ve cured my fit of the baloos.

  6. luckyzmom

    I wrote a nice long comment and lost it somehow. It was all about working towards reducing the “stuff” that you don’t enjoy doing and towards increasing things you enjoy. Just seems sensible, not necessarily something I practice myself!)


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