Z gives in

No really, it’s the bloody internet that’s the real problem. They said 10 day disruption, it’s been twice that and it’s always when you’re doing something important that the connection goes down.  Darlings, I’m so at the end of my tether that I’ve apologised in advance to the Sage in case I’m snappy or rude, because I won’t mean it.  He’s being kind and understanding.  I’m mostly wishing I was sober.

I’m done, darlings.  I’m exhausted, will read the papers and go to bed.  Sorry not to be my usual self.

10 comments on “Z gives in

    1. Blue Witch

      Welcome to my (constant) world. And non-ISP dependent – just geography.

      Would a dongle help? PAYG by the day, week, or month. Only works on USB-provisioned devices, mind 😉 I did hear of someone who made BT pay for a dongle in just such a similar sitation.

  1. Z

    You’re not the only one who’s been having problems with Facebook John, how infuriating.

    It’s the whole area that’s having problems, BW, I was asking around yesterday. And it’s just for a minute or two at a time usually, over a couple of longer periods during the day. I expect it will settle down or else they will have to do something about it.

    Thanks, Roses. Once I catch up with things I’ll be fine again.

  2. Roses

    I know how much I grind my teeth when there are issues with internet connection, that this happens on a regular, intermittent basis, I would be reaching for the sharp implements….and looking for an unwary BT person.

    Well done you for not leaving a field of corpses in your wake.

    As I’ve said before, your self-control is something I aspire to.

    1. Z

      The help centre gives various alternatives for signing in but I suppose you’ve tried that. Hope there’s a way round it.

  3. Z

    This is what the help centre says – Check all of the email accounts and mobile numbers connected to your Facebook account. When you request a password reset, you’ll see a list of the email addresses and mobile numbers confirmed on your account. You’ll have the option to send the password reset email to some or all of these accounts. Note: For security reasons, parts of the email addresses and phone numbers will be hidden (ex: fxxxxxxk@fxxxxxxk.com, xxxxxxx5555).

    Not sure about all those fxxk addresses, looks a bit dodge to me – but can’t you have the reset code sent to your email rather than your phone?


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