Z has a system, it’s just that no one else understands it

It’s not that it’s particularly interesting, and of course my shadow is in the way, but here it is anyway.

There are several advantages in Blogger Beta – particularly regarding photos, as you can upload as many as you like at one time, instead of being restricted to five, and you can then place them in the order and where you wish, instead of them all being put at the top together in random order, whence you have to cut’n’paste where you want them. However, you can’t type while you wait for them to upload and, it seems, you can no longer post a video.

Today, I woke up with the vague realisation that I had received an appointment several weeks ago which I hadn’t written down, and I had a feeling it was for today. So I went and looked for the letter – which, since it was for “received, not dealt with, leave it where it will not get forgotten” should have been on my desk. It wasn’t. So I looked on the printer “received, in hand, not fully dealt with” and on the table “information to be acted upon but with no particular urgency. I peered into the box of files, which includes “received, dealt with, to be filed for future reference” as well as “filed for future referemce”.

Finally, I found it. “On the floor where Zerlina had knocked it off the desk yesterday.”

Anyway, it turned out that the appointment is not for today, but for next Monday, so I was in time to phone and change it, because next Monday, the Sage and I will be in London ( I know, darlings, a Rare Outing Together). So it’s now rebooked for Tuesday – which means that I won’t be able to *forget* it and not bother to go, because it’s one of those boring and mildly painful routine health exams that one expects to show nothing at all: in short, a mammogram. I had one a few years ago and was greeted with enthusiasm, slightly startlingly so until I realised that I was the only person in the quarter hour or so that I was there, who had actually shown up.

It’s a funny thing, isn’t it? How many countries would people be thrilled at the thought of free* health exams, and we take them so much for granted that we don’t either bother to go or cancel appointments sent to us. The Sage, in fact, is wearing a blood pressure monitor today – once a year, he has it for a day and quite tedious it is, too, whirring and buzzing every few minutes as it does its check. But again, one has to assume that it’s worth it, for the possibility for showing up a potential problem.

*at the point of use

10 comments on “Z has a system, it’s just that no one else understands it

  1. Roses

    Good to see it’s not just me with a weird admin system.

    I have:

    The Junk Mail Basket
    The ‘I really must open it Basket’
    And the…
    ‘Oh ***k, I should have dealt with it 2 months ago’ Basket.

    I tell people to e-mail me if it’s important, rather than send me stuff by e-mail.

  2. Roses


    The last sentence should have read ‘I tell people to e-mail me if it’s important, rather than send me stuff by post.

    Not enough Eine.


  3. Z

    I knew what you meant, as I say exactly the same. If I can throw a piece of paper away as I have it on the computer, I do so. Once I’ve dealt with it, of course – but I’m more likely to do it straight away if I can just email back.

  4. Anonymous

    For all the hiccups the NHS has,so I have heard, I have always had wonderful treatment….Fabien was an NHS c-section baby and it was a marvellous experience, (if a c-section can be called anything good at all) and since coming back on the NHS this year (finally, after floating for 3 years without access to medical care – well obviously if I’d paid for it I could have been treated, if it had been necessary)…and so far, fingers crossed, it has again been brilliant. Excellent. No complaints.

    I like your system – it’s a serious rival to mine. (Mine all takes place within various notebooks and diaries – filing and all. Alhough M finds it so frustrating he has started a folder for me in the filing cabinet. I forget to use it.)


  5. Z

    I was rather following her around, Mago. Mind you, this evening she was following me. I had to get the fork out and dig for worms for her and I had to be quite careful not to spike her.

    I tried a filing cabinet and hated it. I use A4 document folders, one for each school committee and one for each other committee, and one for each subject (such as car, tax, insurance, finance) of my own. Then I have box files too. I used to use just box files, but they aren’t enough any more – so now, I fill one each year with stuff that has to be kept in each relevant heading.

    This sounds more organised than it is, but the theory is great.

  6. luckyzmom

    I’m overdue for a mammo (free). They are one of my least favorite ways to spend my time.

    I have been spending my time lately organizing all the paperwork. Mind boggling.

  7. Z

    Not nice, is it? And there’s been some fairly negative publicity about them recently here, false interpretations and all that. Still, having changed the appointment, I’ll keep it.


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