Bringing on the wall, Day 40 – some like it hot

It was, at last, exactly the weather we hoped for when we started this whole malarkey.  Sunny, hot, but not unbearable heat as there was enough freshness in the air to make it a pleasure to be outside.  I’d gone out early in fact as I’m still not sleeping much – most annoying to wake, seemingly refreshed, before 5 am when I have only been asleep since 12.30 or so.  Anyway, I’d done some more planting and was doing the watering when Dave arrived.

We’re not rabbit-proof yet, but may be after Saturday.  Dave is carrying on with the central pillar and I’m working on the bottom courses.  Weeza and Zerlina arrived during the morning, so I finished early, but Dave did a lot of work.

Ignore the weeds, I do.

The brown hen came in the garden, having been invited in, and followed me around, looking for small creatures to eat.

I did a short movie of her, but I can’t find out how to post it.  Blogger Beta doesn’t seem to give an option for it – unless anyone can tell me different, of course.  In ‘help’ it says there is, but although it was there in the original Blogger options, which I can’t remember how to return to, it isn’t now.

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