Z has a bath

LT has been away for a couple of days as he had appointments back at his place – and we spend a fair bit of time there anyway, but he had to go alone this time.  But while he was away, I graduated to BATHS!!!!!  I couldn’t bear mere showers any longer and I was pretty confident that I could haul myself out again.  I made sure I had my phone with me though and could speed-dial Roses if I got stuck.

I’m also back in our bed, which is lovely, and I can turn partly on my side as long as I have a pillow under my knee so that my hip is supported.  So I’m very much on the mend.  We took the bins down the drive tonight – I did take the two less heavy ones, but was able to pull them along and didn’t limp, so that’s all good too.  Four weeks tomorrow and I’m on the homeward straight.

Roses asked me through for lunch yesterday with friends of hers from Norwich – I rolled home sometime after 8 pm.  With the remains of my precious bottle of 30 year old port.  There is enough left for LT to taste.  It is very good.  Sadly, I haven’t any more of it, not having had the sense to lay any down in the past.  Who knew?

Advice from an old dear.  Lay down port when you’re young.  By the time you’re old enough to appreciate it, it’ll be ready.

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