Z Grannies (as a verb)

We went to Norwich today to meet Weeza and the children at the Castle Museum. This is always a pleasure, it’s a thoroughly nice little museum, though I do not forgive it for having removed nearly all of their fabulous collection of Lowestoft china, including my favourite piece, and putting it in storage, to make room for lesser stuff.

There were various events for children for half term and it was all very enjoyable. We have discovered, through a chat with one of the staff, that a big revamp is going on, which is why the room with two other of my favourite objects has been emptied and why the Norwich silver has been removed from display. That’s okay, it’s fine as there’s a reason for it, though a sign or two to explain would have been good.

The cafeteria is exceptionally good, actually, We had coffee to start with and later we had lunch – the very reasonable quiche and salad, soup and bread and sausage rolls were freshly cooked and delicious and, as a Friend, I got 10% off as well, which made £26.20 for five of us for the lunch, including a beer and a splendid soft drink plus two cakes, exceptional value.

I had been severely disappointed this morning. Yesterday evening we went out to the pantomime in the next village – which is another story, if I get round to blogging it – and we had scrambled eggs on toast before we went. That left us short of bread, but I remembered that I had, expansively, ordered croissants from the milkman for this morning. I peered out excitedly from the bedroom window – a pint of milk, half a pound of butter and … a small piece of paper. Gutted, darlings, figuratively gutted. Unforeseen circumstances, they non-explained. Anyway, I was not disemboweled for long and I bought croissants from Marks and Spencer, so we’ll have them tomorrow . Hah.

I have made overtures to Rufus and Gus and they may, soon, come to Granny for a sleepover. Hooray! It’s been an awfully long time since any of the little ones came to stay.

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