Blog party 2020

Having checked our diaries, we have nothing planned yet at the weekends any time between mid-May and late July (that doesn’t mean we’re not open to offers, of course). So it’s over to our lovely guests. Here are the options, which will be altered as would-be guests tell us they aren’t free. As ever, it can be Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday in one case. The first ever blog party was early May bank holiday Monday, when the weather was so awful that it unnerved me forever. So, while theoretically possible, I’d rather not.

16th/17th May

23rd/24th/25th May

30th/31st May

6th/7th June

13th/14th June

20th/21st June

27th/28th June

4th/5th July

11th/12th July

18th/19th July

25th/26th July

It’s not that we can’t do August but that people tend to be too busy sunbathing and passing the Pimms.

As always, it’ll be lunchtime and you are very welcome to stay over, the night before, afterwards or both. In the unlikely event we run out of rooms, camp beds can be provided, maybe even a tent if I talk to the more gung-ho members of my family. You are all most welcome, whether or not you’ve met me or anyone else here and friendships have been made but are not obligatory. Food preferences are catered for with much pleasure, just let us know.

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