Z goes clubbing

We went over to my colleague’s house to pick up china for the auction and then I took LT for lunch at the Yacht Club.  I’ve been a member there for my whole life, pretty well, first as a Junior Member and later joined officially, as it were, at whatever age was considered adult then, 18 or 21.  My parents and grandparents were very involved with things in a way I haven’t been for years.  Actually, now I think of it, some five years after my father died, my mother and stepfather met there.  And my wedding celebration was held there.  I’ve hardly visited at all in the last few years, but it is dear to me in a way I can hardly analyse.

Anyway, I had fruit juice and LT had Adnam’s and we shared a charcuterie platter and then went to look at the South Beach, which used to be a lovely sandy one until they built a new inner harbour at Great Yarmouth, up the coast, and an unintended consequence was that all the sand washed away.  They’ve recently constructed banks of huge stones to break the waves and retain the sand and it’s looking a lot better.

It was my 21st blood donor session, I was told this afternoon.  I seem to have managed quite well without those armfuls, so hope it’s been of use to less fortunate people.  LT is kindly cooking dinner so that I can rest.  Omnomnomelettes, tomato salad and chips.  “Shall I get the chips out of the freezer, darling?” I offered.  “That would be very kind, darling,” he replied.  “It’s a pleasure.” We’re very polite.

It runs in the family, actually.  Weeza was telling us that Zerlina is very much liked by the mothers of her friends because she has picked up our family’s way of speaking.  “Would you be kind enough to get me a glass of water, please?” for example.  “May you give me some fruit?” That ‘may you’ isn’t exactly perfect English doesn’t seem to matter at all, it’s all the more charming.  It all reflects wonderfully well on her parents of course, too.

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    1. Z Post author

      It’s the way I speak, but she didn’t pick it up from me, it has to be used on a daily basis!


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