Z and LT cast a net

I said,a couple of weeks ago, that I was planning to net the greenhouse and use it as a hen run extension – we’re well on the way to having that completed.  Wince, my gardener, has made the connecting tunnel between the run and the greenhouse, I’ve bought the netting and, today, LT and I started attaching it.  Though we first had to scrub the damn greenhouse.  And then I put coolglass on the south side.

It went rather better than we expected, actually, the netting having proved quite biddable, and we’ve done the necessary part of one side, which is about a third of the job.  Tim is pretty saintly, it has to be said.  Even when I accidentally sprayed him a little bit with the hose, he took it with complete good nature.

I’m taking him out to lunch tomorrow.  To my club.

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