Z gets up early and wonders why

I have to say, I think this whole early rising thing is overrated. Dawn is one thing, but after a few minutes admiring the sky you have hours to wait until the papers are delivered. And if you wake up any later than that, it’s just dreary hanging about until anything interesting happens. No nice birdsong at this time of the year – the only noise outside comes from rooks – the sun isn’t shining so I have to have the light on and, having already eaten breakfast the hours until lunch will yawn ahead hungrily by mid-morning.

Those who get up early tell me how much they get done. Well, that rather proves what I say. The only point of getting up early is to do the housework and other chores, therefore releasing the more interesting parts of the day for more interesting things. I’ll agree that in spring and early summer it’s delightful outside, if it isn’t raining, but the rest of the year it’s much more pleasant to stay in bed, thus being able to stay up later at night when there are people to talk to, online or in person. There’s nothing to say at this time of day because nothing’s happened, even if there was anyone about.

Of course, in very hot weather it can be useful to do physical work before the heat of the day, but that applies for a couple of weeks if we’re lucky in this country, and how devoted does one have to be to physical work? After all, if you do it for a living you’ll have to work in the heat of the day anyway, and for the rest of us, it’s perfectly acceptable to say “what a lovely day, stuff mowing the lawn, I’m going to lie under a tree with a book and a cold drink.” Mowing the lawn can’t be done, of course, at an unsociable hour so is not possible before 9 am.

I’m going to twiddle my thumbs for the next hour or two until the day is worth starting.

11 comments on “Z gets up early and wonders why

  1. Dave

    One can get a lot of blogging done in the early hours. And get some delightful exercise while the day is still fresh walking to the newsagents to pick up one’s newspaper.

  2. Z

    But there’s nothing to say in the early hours because nothing has happened. I usually write my blog in the evening, when there’s something to say.

    And the day hasn’t exactly worn out by 8 o’clock in the morning, and at least there’s a chance of meeting someone to say ‘hello’ to.

  3. Dave

    Ah, but I get the chance to read and comment on all those people who’ve blogged in the evening (when I usually am off-line, for I think it unhealthy to have the computer on all day). I can publish my post about the previous day’s activities, having had the chance to mull them over overnight, ready for my readership when they wake up.

  4. Sarah

    I’m with you Z , it’s only worth getting up early to beat the kids into the shower or on a very sunny day to sit on the doorstep eating ones brekky and thinking how nice it is to ‘sit’ in the garden rather than ‘doing’ it !!
    (I’m sure there should be some commas and full stops in there somewhere…)

  5. Dave

    I must admit, I’d be quite happy, now I’m retired, to sleep on in the morning. No matter how late I go to bed, though, or how tired I am, I’m still awake well before 6, so I just grin and make the best of it.

  6. Z

    My father learned to wake early at public school and in the army and never was able to lie wakefully in bed, not even to read. However, he didn’t go to bed early either and can’t have had more than a few hours sleep a night. I think plenty of sleep is healthier- well, I rather hope so as he died in his 50s and I’d rather hang on a bit longer.


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