Z gets down on her knees

I’ve been quite hard-working, for me, this week.  I weeded the vegetable garden over several days – this might not seem a big job but it is, with six beds of 30-ish feet by 4, plus another bed 10 foot square, more or less, plus a herb bed.  I also turned out the chicken greenhouse and shed, which took two hot and bothered sessions.  Lovely Tim helped in both cases, but he’d be more than willing to agree that I did most of it.  And today, we did the ironing.

Ironing is rather out of fashion, and I do avoid all I reasonably can, but I do find it necessary for a lot of things.  LT does his own, though there had been rather a build-up of shirts so I did some too, but there was quite a lot else to do.  I also achieved, if that’s the word, five loads of washed and dried laundry by the end of the day which, of course, has given an appreciable amount of ironing again…

I do appear to be immersed in domesticity at present, which is quite pleasant.  I have to admit though, I’ve sent out a plea to the children, to come and cut back the creeper for us, which is growing over the guttering and – in places – on to the roof.  I don’t mind a ladder, but I ventured up a double one last year and I wasn’t comfortable with it at all and don’t want to do it again.  Tim and I, chatting over and after dinner as we usually do, considered perception of age from various perspectives, though we didn’t talk about going up ladders beyond ten feet or so.  But, if we had, I’m sure we’d have agreed that we’re too old and we’re not going to do it.

Anyway.  The garden is doing really well.  Not a vast range of veggies yet, but we had a Caesar salad with home-grown lettuce for lunch yesterday, and artichoke and broad bean tops with dinner as well as home-laid eggs, and today there were courgettes.  There was a third courgette that’s still waiting on the table, that hid under a leaf and is bigger than I’d have wished, so it will figure heavily in a future meal unless I chop it up for the chickens.

I put too much garlic in the Caesar salad, by the way.  Just as well we were not out and about last night, we’d have stopped people at 30 paces. Hah.

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