We’ve been invited to a party!!(!) This was terribly exciting and we were very happy – truly we were, this is just the way I talk – and checked our diaries.  We’ve got tickets for Snape Proms on the Friday and the Sunday and the party is in Gloucestershire on the Saturday.

Pfft.  We’ll go to Snape, drive to Tim’s place in Reading, spend the night, drive up to Gloucestershire, go to the party, drive home to Reading, spend the night, drive back to Snape, go to the bash, drive home.  Only 520 miles.  What can possibly go wrong?  It’ll be fun and we can pretend we’re still young enough not to need a week off to recover.  A lot more fun than turning anything down, anyway.

The blog party is a month away.  That’ll be fun too, thanks to you lot.

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