Z finds the Tots

Roses said that she hadn’t seen the little tortoises while I was away – this isn’t all that surprising, they are very well camouflaged.  Edweena is easier to spot because of her size – it’s not that she’s huge, she weighs about a kilo, but the babies weigh about four ounces each and are only about three inches long.  Anyway, today I went out to do a bit of weeding in their run and soon spotted Natasha, who was sheltering from the sun under some grass.  She wasn’t too pleased about being disturbed, so went under a deadnettle instead, which I left as it’s edible.  I also left forget-me-nots, dandelions and various other tortoise-friendly plants.  I found Anastasia a few minutes later, trundling along speedily, looking filthy.  Clearly, she has spent much of her time burrowing underground.  But later, all three were eating, so that’s all ok.  Natasha was munching on some hebe flowers and looked quite blissed out.

On the strength of this cheering news, I suggested we go out for lunch.  There has to be some sort of celebration every day, don’t you think?  There have been times in my life when I’ve rather needed that to keep me going, whereas now it’s for simple pleasure.

More pleasure is in store this evening, when we go to Pam and Peter for dinner.  I’ve got a music lesson first, so we’re meeting halfway and they’re taking Tim back home with them, for me to follow after I’ve finished tootling.  Evidently, they want to get to know him before I turn up.  If he finds this thought daunting, he’s manfully coping with it.

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while is update my European Health Insurance Card, you have to register on the website to apply.  The password had to have at least one upper case letter, one lower case, one number and one symbol and be at least 8 characters long.  So I worked one out and put it in, and it said it wasn’t long enough.  I counted again carefully and it was.  So I put it in again and it said it wasn’t.  So I bunged on a £ at the end and it was accepted. So, it seems, it has to be over 8 characters long.  With all those requirements, it’s impossible for me to be sure of remembering it every five years (of course, if we do exit the EU, we won’t be eligible anyway) so I’ve got it on the computer, which rather negates the point of a complicated password.

Time to feed animals, darlings.  I hope you have a lovely evening.

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