New grandbaby

I couldn’t write yesterday – there was only one thing to tell you and news wasn’t coming out until today.  So I said nothing.

At 12.45 yesterday morning, I had a text from Ro to say that Dora had been admitted to hospital for the birth of their baby.  I heard nothing more until noon, then at 3pm that she was having an emergency caesarean section.  The hole in the carpet became more worn as I continued to pace.  I bore it pretty patiently for a couple of hours, then just sat and worried.  But at last, sometime after 5.30, Ro was able to tell me that all was well.

I thought of a blog name for him weeks ago but I can’t at present remember what it is, so that can wait.  His real second name is Russell, however, after his grandfather – and his due date would have been Russell’s eightieth birthday; he was born a week early.  But what we all want is pictures.


Here he is at about three hours old.


And this is today.



So happy and relieved, it is wonderful.  I hope to see him tomorrow and I’m so excited.

18 comments on “New grandbaby

  1. Z Post author

    I must remember to brush my hair!

    Nikki, this makes six! But then, I’m a great deal older than you 🙂

  2. Kipper

    As you know, I already nicknamed him Little Rusty. What a good looking baby! Congratulations to the new parents and your whole family.

  3. Sue Hines

    Congratulations to all concerned, especially grandma, who did all the original work! What a beautiful grandson. You’ve beaten me now but who’s counting 😉

  4. Zed

    Congratulations to the family and welcome into the big, wide world, Ro Junior. You’re a handsome-looking boy and a lovely addition to the ever-expanding family xx

  5. Liz

    I saw a couple of posts on FB that made me wonder if he was on his way. Glad to know that he arrived safely and hope Mummy is recovering well.

  6. How do we know

    Congratulations Z!!! To you and the family.. i remember fondly the post of Ro’s wedding… and also this… its so sweet. Love to the baby , and luck to the parents!


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