Z find satisfaction in poor grammar

We’ve been at the caravan in Pembrokeshire for the last few days, which was a delight as always.  It really is a fabulous part of the country and the place itself, I can only describe as healing.  I feel myself calming and relaxing, as I know Tim does too, it’s just lovely there.

As we went to Reading separately, we obviously had both our cars there.  We had planned to come back on Wednesday, but Tim pointed out that there was nothing to stop me coming home earlier if I chose to.  And so, as there were various good reasons to do so, I have.  An easy and uneventful journey and Eloise cat was very happy to see me, and has sat on my lap, kneading me and sleeping, and being very affectionate.  So were the other cats, without the lap-sitting.  It’s a pleasure that Chip (Lawrence’s cat, who has come to live with Rose as he’s away so much, either at the hospital or here) is finally friendly out of doors, where he used to be so skittish.  And Rummy is positively warm.

The chickens are fine, though the cock was a total cock tonight, as he wouldn’t go into the shed. In the end, I left him.  He roosted up on the roof of the shed and retreated when I tried to catch him.  Finally, I swept him off with a net after dark and then caught him up and chucked him indoors.  Idiot bird.

An update on the path – I had a message on my answerphone when I got back.  When I phoned the number on my mobile, it came up with another name altogether – that is, it was Pete H when I thought I was ringing Pete D.  Puzzled, I checked the message again.  It was certainly Pete D’s voice, yet I’d got it on my phone as Pete H.  This automatic filling-in of contacts can fall apart once in a while.  My mistake – Pete D and I had a lengthy conversation on the subject, though i never did quite gather what he hoped I’d say.  Maybe he didn’t know either, but just wanted clarification and support, which he got.

Anyway, I’ve written to the parish council to sum up my small part in the matter.  That is, I was approached informally by people who identified themselves verbally without giving their names, and I stated what they said.  And that I think that the council is being outrageous.  Apparently, after two and a half years, during most of which time they said they were going to repair the bridge and this was funded, they are now saying we can go to blazes and if the village doesn’t come up with a cost-free option within two months, they will remove the footpath altogether.  I’ve made it clear my campaigning days are over, but mentioned what a pity it would be if the village and council were shown in a poor light in the newspapers.  I’m too old and tired, i can’t do it – but if someone will fire the bullets, I’d play my part in making them.  I’m really cross at being messed about.  And I also said, I can’t respond to the council’s apparent wish to put a footpath on my field until it’s formally asked, which two guys without ID appearing without an appointment and putting a casual suggestion does not add up to.  Although my grammar was better in the email.

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  1. Blue Witch

    Glad you’ve had a relaxing break. I wonder what it says about modern life that being away from home is calming?

    A few more thoughts about the path…

    If the County Council (within whose remit footpaths fall) hold your Parish Council in the same ‘esteem’ as exists between the two entities round here, I wouldn’t hold my breath about the PC being able (/willing) to put enough pressure on the CC to resolve this.

    I would suggest that ‘whoever wants to take this on’ should approach your MP (and depending on the reply you get, you could just forward the same email to him/her). Much more likely to get things resolved, and quickly. Note – Parish Councils can’t (won’t) go this route on something like this as there are protocols about Highways matters they must first follow that preclude it (well, there are round here, and in N’umberland, and in Buckinghamshire, Dorset and Somerset, to my direct knowledge, so probably everywhere I suspect).

    Footpaths are statutory rights of way and cannot just be closed/removed, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Particularly if they try to use it as a way of trying to ‘blackmail’ you to allow the re-routing across your land (which hopefully you’re not going to agree even if they do put it in writing?).

    1. Z Post author

      Well, being here is pretty good too, but it’s special there. And I don’t have all the jobs I should be doing lining up and clamouring for attention.

      I have never been remotely tempted to stand for the parish council, you get blamed for something that goes wrong and have very little real influence. My friend has written to our MP, but I suspect that he will also say the apparent cost is impossible – actually, saying a few extra footings will cost more than building a house is a downright lie, and someone should challenge it. They are trying to wriggle out of it being a right of way, but one would need evidence of their case and anyway, there’s nothing on the path to say it’s by permission. No, I’m not going to agree to put a right of way on my field. I’m not a mug.

  2. Blue Witch

    All public rights of way are marked on OS maps. That should give you the evidence you need one way or the other. You can often discover when/if RoW have been diverted by looking at old maps. County Record Offices have them, if they cannot be otherwise located.

    Sorry I did say before that I knew far too much about this subject!!! (have learnt the hard way)

    Most Parishes have produced footpath maps. Has yours?


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