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Tim came back today, so of course I went out and bought a great deal of food.  He has a spare appetite and never overeats, so I have no reason to do this, which doesn’t stop me in the least.  I celebrate by buying food – and a big bunch of yellow roses.

I’ve been surprised at how much the vegetables have grown in the week I was away.  I planted out everything, as late frosts weren’t forecast, and it’s all doubled in size.  I’d put the tomatoes in their final pots, as they all had flowers on them, and they’ve doubled too, and had a lot of side shoots, which I’ve removed.  I’d deliberately left one on each plant, to take off as a cutting, and I’ve potted them up too.  I don’t often have to buy tomato plants, so I might as well get twice what I paid for.  I do have some that I grew from seed, but they were late and aren’t ready for their final pots yet.

The chickens were very good tonight and went in straight away.  I think I have the answer – before I went away, the little Serama was playing at being broody and the cock and the brown bantam had gone in the shed with her in the early evening.  Now, the big brown hen has decided to sit for a few days, so Yvette has given up sitting.  The three big black hens went into the shed first and then the others were skittish.  Tonight, I went round and encouraged the smaller ones in first and they went in willingly, and then the black ones joined them.  So I’ll try to do that again.  The brown bantam has a limp and I think her leg joint is swollen.  I’ll look at her in the morning.  I think she’s very old as she hasn’t laid any eggs for at least a year, but I don’t think she has an injury.  I don’t know.  We once took a chicken to the vet and she died of fright, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to do that.  I’ll just try to keep her comfortable and eating.

We’re checking our plans for the summer, which starts in June, I suppose.  Wink is coming to stay next week, then LT’s brother and sister-in-law are coming to stay, then there’s the Aldeburgh Festival, a visit to Buxton, the blog party, Rose’s family coming to stay, we’re taking the grandchildren to Pembrokeshire, then back for family birthdays and Snape Proms.  Which takes us to the end of August.  There are chinks in the diary, quite chunky chinks, but a fair bit going on.

Seven and a half weeks to the blog party.  We always look forward to it.  The menu has been on my mind for weeks already.  But then, I spend much of my time thinking about food.

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