Z feels wobbly

Well, that was embarrassing.  I’ve been going into lessons at school this week, and today was a Food Tech lesson – it’s not that I’m linked to that department but that I’ve been looking at Teaching Assistants.  I’d not met the teacher before, though I knew her by sight, and she was very charming and friendly and showed me one girl’s portfolio of written work, which took about ten minutes, and then offered to take me into the kitchen to see the cooking being done.  I said I’d love to, but I was afraid I needed to sit down for a few minutes first because I felt a bit faint (though there was no ‘bit’ about it, I had about 15 seconds before I’d have keeled over.

I’ve got a chest infection and have been exceptionally busy, and this morning I had been up and down several staircases and been outside without a coat on, and then I went into a warm room and was almost undone.  I had to sit there, head on table, for quite some time.  The teacher wanted to call for help for me, but it wasn’t necessary – anyway, eventually I felt well enough to go into the other room and soon after I recovered and was able to do the nosy governor bit.

However, I am going to bed early and staying there for twelve hours.  Approx.  I’ve got a busy couple of days ahead again and there’s nothing I can easily miss.  Well, there is one thing I can miss, a Nadfas lecture in the morning, but I don’t want to.

It’s just occurred to me – maybe it’s blogging withdrawal symptoms.  H’m.

9 comments on “Z feels wobbly

  1. Tim

    “I’ve got a chest infection and have been exceptionally busy”???
    Those two conditions don’t go together! Please don’t knock yourself out – we love you and worry about you, and would much prefer you to stay alive…! x

  2. allotmentqueen

    “I’ve got a chest infection” so I’m going into school to pass this infection on to as many people as possible. If you won’t take it easy on your own behalf, at least do it for everyone else’s sake. (Sorry if you wanted more sympathy, but schools – along with hospitals and cruise ships – are hotbeds for infection.)

  3. Z

    Well, I hadn’t taken it seriously, I thought it was better. It was a tickly cough, that was all and I didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t feel ill until yesterday.

    I don’t think I’m likely to die of it though, but thank you.


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