Z feels frivolous

And, most secretly and subtly, for no one knows this but you and I, demonstrates the fact by wearing a suspender belt and stockings.

And by eating a Hot Cross Bun for breakfast.

Oh yes, life in the Z household is a blast!

18 comments on “Z feels frivolous

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my! When you wrote “suspender belt” this American imagined suspenders (braces) with a belt like old men wear. Guess a British suspender belt is what is called a garter belt here. Hope the stockings and accoutrements are bright red!

  2. jen

    you don’t have to print this, as it’s just for you – but damn, z, i really like you.

    you’ve got whimsy and grace. and you make me laugh. and damn if you aren’t smoking hot, sister.

    am glad i found you this year. and to think, it all started w/ you leaving a pfffft…. over my way.

    best to you.

  3. PI

    Now settle down Z! The New year is nigh and time for us to be better girls – me anyway. Glad your Xmas was joyous and hope that 2007 brings you health and happiness.

  4. Blue Witch

    HNY 🙂

    I always find such ‘gadgets’ incredibly impractical and uncomfortable. No idea why people find them attractive. At least if you buy the right type of tights they hold it all in. Not that *you* have that problem, but we’re not all that fortuante!

  5. Z

    Goggling eyes and boggling mind, Murph?

    Anon, garter belt it is. But black, that time.

    Take note of what Badgerdaddy says, everyone, he’s the only one of you who has actually met me. He evidently summed me up at a glance as eternally frivolous.

    Pi, thank you, and very best wishes to you. I will try to be better … better at what has yet to be determined.

    Banana, thank you, the same to you, and your wishes came true in every particular, even the not drinking too much. I drank exactly the right amount!

    BW, darling, when I was as young as you are I’d probably have thought the same. I had unhappy memories of stockings in the the mid-60s, before tights. But a few years ago, I had a change of heart and now adore stockings. The awareness they give you of your clothing adds a spring to the step.

    Kaz, I’m a bad girl. But with the Boy, so in excellent company.

    Wendz, it was not my fault. No phone line since Saturday evening. I missed you too!

  6. Z

    Oh, and happy new year, BW. It took me (sad old bag that I am) a while to work out that it wasn’t an abbreviation of Honey.

    Jen, thanks for your comment darling. Keeping it to myself and not publishing, but it – and you – are much appreciated. xx


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