Still sleeping the day away

Today, I intended to do hearty and useful jobs in the garden, using my New Tools. However, it has rained and in any case I fell asleep. I woke up to find Tilly lying still with an uncomfortable expression on her face; she was relieved that I moved as it meant she could. She is a polite little dog and did not wish to disturb me.

I didn’t mention, yesterday, that I spent some time last night, with a certain déja vu, making holly wreaths again. A late order. Someone who has been in hospital and is now just well enough to go out and about and wishes to place Christmas wreaths on his parents’ and late wife’s graves. Well, what can you say. Naturally, Al said “Yes” and then tentatively asked his father if he thought that Mum would mind…
When Mum heard that the gentleman concerned is Gordon, best known locally for feeding the poultry at the famous roundabout, she agreed with quite good grace. I’m afraid that the song is not quite up to the quality of Jonny B’s Post Office one but, on the other hand, the campaign to keep the chooks worked; they were decided not to be a traffic hazard and are still there. The number of hens fluctuates, but is certainly exceeded by that of cocks.

I wonder what to cook for dinner. I have beetroot. It might be risotto. Beetroot, although good, is not my very favourite risotto, but is worth making for the startling colour, as well as the frisson of nervousness the next morning when you wonder what has gone wrong with your insides.

6 comments on “Still sleeping the day away

  1. Wendz

    Oooh risotto..I was going to make some tonight…mushroom…but Mum is too poorly for that so she had toast.

    Perhaps tomorrow.

    I used to be so startled when the boys ate beetroot at school and then the next the loo stuff….

    Never had beetroot risotto..sounds interesting though.

  2. Z

    Just making it right now, Wendz. I love risotto. You make beetroot just like any other, just grate the beets and bung ’em in. Raw or cooked, but put it in earlier if raw of course. Quite sweet, but the earthiness helps to cut that.

    yes, if you haven’t fed them yourself so don’t know, the aftereffects are disconcerting

  3. jen

    i love it when you make risotto. risotto nights are the ones where i wish i could show up w/ a partially decent bottle of wine and sit with you and have a long talk.

  4. Z

    Risotto is for relaxing, isn’t it. I like everything about it, the assembling of ingredients, the stirring and adding of stock, the gradual release of creamy starch to make a dish that’s much more than the sum of its parts. Easy to eat, nothing formal about it, just right for a long evening of conversation with a friend.

  5. martina

    a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc would be a tasty accompaniment. Never would have thought of using beetroot in risotto but it sounds quite pleasing to the eye (and tummy).

  6. Z

    We had a nice pale pink Pinot Grigio, mainly because that was what was chilling in the fridge.

    We do all think and talk a lot about food and wine – which is exactly as it should be.

    Except How Do We Know, who doesn’t mention the food she eats – how about it, honey – tempt our palates with descriptions of delicious vegetarian Indian dishes?


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