Z dreams of cheese, mostly

Lovely Tim cooked the meal, though I jointed the chicken, prepared the rice and made salad and dressing – but he did the skilled part and dished up and lit the fire and pretty well everything.  I don’t think this site does emojis, apart from a smiley one, but if it did, there would be *heart* several times.

It all went very well, it was a good evening.  I buy local cheeses more often than not – that is, Norfolk and Suffolk; but this time I was rather more cosmopolitan.  First, I did have the very local Baron Bigod, I added some Black Bomber, which is Welsh ‘cheddar’, some ‘Old Amsterdam,’ which is mature Gouda from the Netherlands, some French Roquefort and Italian Taleggio.  I also had  a vegan soy based herb and garlic “cream cheese” for the friend who’s desperately trying to find if there’s a food that provokes her debilitating migraines.  She gave up food with gluten and that made no difference and she’s persevering with dairy-free, though that hasn’t helped a lot either.  She gave up alcohol, chocolate and all the obvious triggers, a long time ago.

Eloise cat went reluctantly to the vet for her annual booster injection – feline leukaemia and cat flu.  She’s got perfect teeth but has put on half a kilo.  Oh dear.  Not very easy to diet a cat.

We finished the chicken for dinner tonight, apart from one piece.  i didn’t think it was worth keeping, it not even being a helping for one person, but Tim suggested adding it to the proposed risotto tomorrow night, which I was planning to cook with the stock I’d made yesterday.  I do appreciate being out-frugaled.

4 comments on “Z dreams of cheese, mostly

  1. Z Post author

    Hah, cheeeeese!

    You’re right – toasted, mostly, in his case, but I abbreviated 🙂

    It went well, Savannah, and I don’t waste food if I can help it.


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