Z needs a deadline

I’ve got my book group friends coming round tomorrow evening.  I’ve decided to serve one of Tim’s speciality dishes for dinner, which means he’ll either have to cook it or teach me how to….

We don’t usually bother with a dessert, just serving cheese after the main course.  Actually, if the host doesn’t have time to cook, just cheese and fruit would be fine.  The point is not to feel we must go to a lot of effort or expense, just to be welcoming.  Although it hasn’t ever happened, no one would mind in the least if we arrived to be put to work in the kitchen before anything reached the table at all.

I was fairly busy this morning and read the book for the book group this afternoon, but I haven’t done anything on the must-do list.  I’m evidently not worried enough about it yet.  I need an urgent deadline to get me going.

I did, however, pick up a blunder that I made last week.  i paid out most of my clients who’d entered china into the auction and carefully checked that I’d used the right cheque book.  Except, when I looked at my bank accounts and found that my everyday one had a lot less money in than I’d expected, I discovered that I was wrong.  I don’t know how I made the mistake, since I had checked, but I’ve paid everyone from my personal account rather than the one I use for business.  No problem, the one cheque paid in was covered and I have transferred enough money over to cover all the rest.  But thank goodness for internet banking.  Time was, I rarely checked my account because I knew what I expected to be there, and once several people had taken out their money, the account would have been overdrawn.

It isn’t that surprising that people take ages to get to the bank and pay in cheques, though the revelation that those under £500 can be scanned in was a marvel to me.  All the same, I’d willingly just pay what I owe straight over and it surprises me that so few people take me up on the offer.  It just costs me a stamp and I’m not bothered, but it’s often a month or more before all the money goes through.  I’d rather not, I feel as if I’m in debt until everyone has claimed what they’re owed.

2 comments on “Z needs a deadline

  1. 63mago

    “evidently not worried enough”

    Yes, the feeling of burning trousers in the morning brings out the best in some of us … :))
    I really fear the day when I’ll misjudge it. It still works, but the “margin” becomes narrower.
    I can not help, it’s a bit like the rabbit waiting at the roadside … keeps the veins free …

    1. Z Post author

      I still have the built-in panic button that sounds in good time, if it’s for an outside thing. If it’s just for myself, I tend to crawl away and hide.


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