Z doesn’t mind growing old…

… but I refuse to grow up.  So I still make a snowman every year, if possible.  I’ve had to do it all by myself since Ro left home, which isn’t as much fun, admittedly, as having company, but no matter.  I’ve got my inner child to keep me company, even if she’s no damn good at building snowmen and I have to do all the work.

And here it is – The Anonymous Snownudedude

Apologies if you’ve already read this on Twitter, but the other momentous event of the day was having a snowplough come through the village.  I’m vastly impressed.  We pay the best part of £2,500 a year in Council Tax and I think we’ve just got our money’s worth, for this month at any rate.  Not that it came down our road, but no matter.

I sent off my booking form for the Aldeburgh Festival a couple of days ago – I have indeed booked for whatever took my fancy – well, except one thing.  In commemoration of Benji Brit’s centenary, they’re performing Peter Grimes, both in the concert hall and on the beach.  I was vastly tempted to go to both, but wimped out in the end and just booked a seat at Snape.  I think that three hours sitting on a highly pebbly beach with no companion will just make me feel lonely and I don’t intend to be in the least lonely.  I’m not going to all six events on my own though, because Weeza is coming to one with me, the Sage to another and we’re taking the grandchildren and their parents to the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra – at half an hour in duration, it’s perfect for the little ones’ first concert and we can do other fun things the rest of the day – it’s near the end of June when the weather is often good.  Or so Blue Witch assures me.

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