Chilled Sage

No more snow, but jolly cold in the wind.  I didn’t go out much, though the Sage and I went in to town to do a bit of shopping at the greengrocer and bakery (I avoid supermarkets for fresh goods wherever possible).  He didn’t wear a coat because he’s peculiar.  I bought him a new coat as part of his C-word present and he says it’s lovely and warm, but I’ve only seen him wear it once.  Not that I’m that observant, of course.

Elle and I went to the cinema – I know! Will the excitement never stop? – this evening and picked up fish and chips on the way home.  The Sage had built up the fire for our return, which was very welcome.  I’ve never lived in a house where I couldn’t have a fire and I hope I never will.  I don’t care that it’s extra work, it’s worth it.  Also, you can make toast and roast chestnuts and laugh – well, chuckle a bit – in the face of power cuts.

I’ve got a load of work to do this weekend.  I should make a start really, innit?  The family came over this morning and I did some hoovering and then took time off.  Or I could have a glass of wine, what do you think?

13 comments on “Chilled Sage

  1. Z

    Thank you, darlings. I took your advice. I’m so biddable.

    Rosie, my friend John G’s comments get sent to spam, yet they have no links and he has a Google account and a Blogger blog, yet these arses’ comments get published. Someone, somewhere, is getting a backhander. Or else the idiots at Blogger are totally incompetent. Or else they don’t care. Or any combination of the above.

    Now, I really must do some work. I’ve set a timer for 4 o’clock (now 1.42) and then I’ll stop working and frolic for a bit.

  2. Z

    Django Unchained, Pat. Yes, a high body count. But no horses were injured, it said in the credits, which is the main thing, of course.


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