Z doesn’t get out her chequebook

I wasn’t successful, I’m afraid.  After consultation with LT, I bid on two lots, for a lot more than the estimate, but I was outbid by two others on the first and was the underbidder on the second.  I gave it a good go, though, and I’m not unhappy that I went.  I wish I’d been able to buy my favourite piece, though – the buyer, who I know, is aware that I wanted it.  “Sorry to run you up,” I said to him afterwards. “Are you still speaking to me?” he replied.

And anyway, I love London and I enjoyed the visits.  So that’s something.  And those lovely young men and their hair, nowadays.  I do admire them. Personal grooming must take ages.

4 comments on “Z doesn’t get out her chequebook

  1. Mike and Ann.

    We viewed an auction in Stowmarket yesterday (since the auctioneer was kind enough to send us a ‘freebie’ catalogue we felt we should put in an appearance). The auction is today, so left five bids (thoroughly optimistic ones). We’ll see.

  2. Mike and Ann.

    ‘Fraid not, Zoe. I was underbidder on four of the five (which is always annoying) and nowhere near on the fifth … oh well, it’s always best to got to the sale, rather than leaving bids ( if only to get the feel of the sale).

    1. Z Post author

      Yes, I upped my bid because I was at the sale, and quite rightly – but still was no more successful than you. Hard luck!


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