Z doesn’t feel different, just a bit harrassed

It was a quiet day, though not entirely uneventful.  It started at 2 am when I found an email from Martina – yes, first of the day, thank you.  Not by much, because an ecard arrived from Head and Mrs Head soon afterwards.

Rupert the pup arrived for the day before 8 o’clock.  However, my modest breakfast of 1 oz muesli with barely enough milk to moisten (I hate soggy cereals) was so coveted by two drooling dogs that I ended up eating very little of it myself.

The other day, a Jiffy bag arrived, with Happy Birthday written on the back and a Sheffield postcode and house number.  I looked it up, found the road but the number doesn’t seem to exist.  I don’t know if it’s one of you, thank you very much for the present and I’d appreciate a hint because I have no idea who my mystery friend is.

We went out to lunch, quite early because the cleaners were coming at 1 o’clock.  And then I kept another appointment – oh yes, I know how to have a good time.









Alex had made a fabulous birthday cake.
IMG_2052_2 IMG_2044
Delia’s recipe, a flourless cake, really delicious , there was a light cakey crust and a moussey layer around a filling of whipped cream. Against instructions, because I’d said no presents, they brought books and a puzzle book for my holiday, flowers, nougat and a motorcycle magazine.  Russell had reminded me that my present will be a motorbike of my choice, just as soon as I’m able to ride it.

And then we drank pink champagne, a very good bottle I’ve been keeping for a special occasion.  And if the pension age having being raised so that I won’t be a pensioner for several years isn’t a *special* occasion, I don’t know what is.

I’ve just had an email from the Head, saying that Ofsted are all over Suffolk this week and next.  Oh joy.  That really is all that’s needed.  If the call comes tomorrow or the next day, I’m going to be in a sudden blind panic.  If next week, I’m going to be away, but have the awful knowledge that I won’t be doing my job.  I’m going to warn the rest of the governors now.  Ho hum.

15 comments on “Z doesn’t feel different, just a bit harrassed

  1. Rog

    1oz of Muesli is no breakfast for biker – dogs would even turn their nose up.
    Ask Sir B if he could do an induction course in proper biker breakfasts and give you a PBB certificate.

  2. Blue Witch

    You’re not a proper biker until you’ve had breakfast at the Ace Cafe. I have a suspicion that you’d not care for most of the other places that bikers have breakfasts…

  3. allotmentqueen

    Mystery presents – wow! It does feel a bit weird, doesn’t it, being a pensioner? Oh, of course, we’re not yet. Still, being bought a motorbike for your 60th birthday is quite exciting.

  4. Z Post author

    Of course a proper breakfast is one of the joys of life. And once the Aga is back on, I’ll have great pleasure in cooking it. But I had the prospect of lunch out and birthday cake, couldn’t overdo it yesterday!

    64 years, 5 months and I can’t remember how many days, AQ. Hmph.

    In sheer getting used to it defiance, I wore no make up yesterday and took a selfie to prove it! I have no fear of growing up.

    Thanks, everyone xxx

  5. Z Post author

    I took my birthday off Facebook last year when I was feeling very fragile and not up to a pretence of celebration. Never thought to put it back.

  6. 63mago

    I am late – and have to beg your pardon.

    Alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag!
    Gesundheit, Glück und GOttes Segen.

    Excuse me please, embarrassing to ask, but – as I take it – you are in your early fifties, just a bit older than me: XL’s remark makes me wonder.

  7. Z Post author

    I took little notice of it – brief consideration of a celebration was soon dismissed as I really have been too busy and, honestly, I’m not big on anniversaries. No need at all to apologise.

    Mago, you’re so charming. I’m way older than you, I am sixty years old. Always young and lovely (or lively, perhaps?) at heart, of course, but ageing rapidly in fact.


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