Z does not blame the mail and appreciates the male

That tax disc finally arrived this morning. If it hadn’t, I’d have phoned again and arranged to pick it up in Norwich tomorrow. it was correctly addressed and there was no earthly reason for two to have gone astray and a third to have arrived by registered post on Tuesday instead of Saturday. I can’t think that it’s the mail’s fault. Anyway, it’ll go straight back to the post office so that I can get a refund for the next ten months.

I finally got notes written up from a meeting a month ago, just in time (30 minutes before) for the next meeting tonight. At least it made me do it. It is bitterly cold tonight again. I hadn’t taken gloves or a hat and I was extremely cold cycling home at 10 o’clock. The Sage had arrived home first and was making me a cup of tea. I resisted the impulse to add a slug of whisky.

Did I tell you that I opened my mouth and was surprised to hear me offering to play the organ for two extra services on Christmas Eve? Ours (when I’ll play the clarinet) is at 6 pm, the next is at 10 pm and the third is at 11.30. I have asked Andy to play for out morning service the next day, though. I know when I’ll have had enough.

I bought a couple of brace of partridges for Saturday’s dinner. I roasted them, but the legs are too fiddly to deal with, so I only served the breasts and put the rest in the stockpot with onion, carrots and celery and the next day I made lovely game soup, pints of it. We had it for supper on Sunday, followed by baked potatoes with cheese (I virtuously added plain yoghurt to my potato instead) and again for lunch today. There’s still plenty left for tomorrow. They cost – can’t quite remember – about £3.50 a brace (the three of us had them, but they would have done for four), the vegetables were cheap and it was not an expensive treat.

I’m going to visit Weeza and Zerlina tomorrow.

5 comments on “Z does not blame the mail and appreciates the male

  1. martina

    Don’t look at me for a witty comment! I thought a brace was two partridges-does that mean you had four partridges? The soup sounds excellent. Please send some here forthwith (sorry, been watching too many episodes of classic Masterpiece Theater)

  2. Caitlin

    Nothing witty from me either, I’m just obsessing a bit over whisky, partridge, game soup and baked potatoes.

    I haven’t had dinner yet.

    What’s for dessert?


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