No turn unstoned

Regarding those Somalian pirates, the chaps on Channel 4 news had a fine time. In the space of a few minutes, they referred excitedly to the pirates’ lair, their booty, a motley crew, their ill-gotten gains, having blasted pirates out of the water and hot pursuit. The only cliché unuttered was Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum and you could see they were terribly tempted.

12 comments on “No turn unstoned

  1. Z

    No, they took ‘kid’ a bit literally.

    Dave, you’re leaving the witticisms for the others for a change? We may have to tip you the Black Spot.

  2. Blue Witch

    The BW Party will be enabling The Media to become rather more balanced. Good news and bad news days will alternate, with the eventual aim of only having good news days, because there won’t be any bad news.

  3. Z

    Darling BW, you and Dave should get together and then you can cheer him up. It would be no hardship for you, as he is excellent company. And his jokes are not off-colour even when he is.

  4. Z

    I suspect they’d had a bet on how many pirate-related words they could get into the script while they emptied the bottle.

    She is, Dand, though I detect a slight cheek-bulge there too.


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