Z discovers a lack of muscles

I have nothing interesting to say, which won’t in the least stop me.  After church, the monthly café service (where my clarinet playing went really rather well, considering I haven’t picked up the instrument since last month) and then Stevo and I got to work again.  We shifted another pile of wood and (as there was a rain shower) he chopped a lot of kindling.  Later, we spent a few hours moving wooden pallets from the other side of the front field to the wood pile.

Afterwards, we were exhausted.  He’s planning to come over again tomorrow and keep going, but I’m going to have to take a day off.  I’ve got an 8 o’clock meeting in the morning and then I have a lot of paperwork I just must get going with.

I cooked sausages for our lunch, but tonight I was too tired to cook or eat and I’ve just had Twiglets this evening (this is clearly not enough and I’m due to suffer from night starvation).  Having unwisely had a half hour nap yesterday (much needed, all the same), I didn’t sleep much last night.  A couple of five-minute dozes and I finally fell asleep for three hours, sometime after 4.  I want to go and have a long, relaxing bath but I must prepare for my meeting and reply to more emails.  I’m not sure if I can do the latter, they may have to wait, though.  I used to be able to work all evening, old age is a disconcerting thing to creep up on a woman.

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  1. Liz

    *”I have nothing interesting to say, which won’t in the least stop me.”* I think that might be the best opening sentence to a blog post that I have ever read.


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