mad catwoman Z

I’ve suddenly become exhausted and will have to go to bed -all the same, this is a day that should be recorded, because I will surely want to check back at some time.

Cat has become very friendly and loves to be stroked and caressed.  I finally ventured to pick her up, and got away with it; she sat on my lap for quite two seconds and didn’t show her claws.  Tabby kitten let me stroke it – I think this is pretty good, she is a feral kitten and it’s more than I expected.  Even better, black kitten with white paws fed in front of me this morning and, tonight, one of the all-blacks came and ate while I squatted by them all too.  Patience, kindness and plenty of food (especially that) are finally paying off.

Bed now, while I can still walk upstairs.

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    1. Z Post author

      I’m really trying to unload long-term responsibilities – I don’t seem to be doing that very effectively.


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