Z comes to the point

A number of the governors, who are able to come in during the day and talk to teachers, observe lessons and suchlike, are affiliated with various subjects or areas on the curriculum. I’ve been Special Educational Needs governors for a long time and, after working with various other subjects, have now declared I will be removed from music only with a crow bar as I love the department and enjoy the lessons at all levels. However, we didn’t have enough available governors to take on all areas so I now have added Vocational Education which, as the less academic pupils often move towards, ties nicely with the learning support area I am already involved with. I’ve also taken on MFL. Languages to most of us. In this school French and German are taught and I don’t know a word of German, which puts me at a bit of a disadvantage at the start. However, there we go, I don’t have to actually speak German to see how its taught.

Anyway, the Head said to me yesterday that he thinks I’ll be good for the department, which always feels itself a bit of a poor relation in the school, because the exam results tend to not be as good as some others. However, when you compare it with other schools, actually it comes out pretty well. In this country, and in this area of the country, foreign languages are not very high priority and since the government decided to drop them from the national curriculum – that is, all pupils were expected to take a foreign language at GCSE if they had the academic ability until a few years ago (once this requirement was dropped, they were awfully disappointed to find that take-up dropped and didn’t seem to have expected it) – they’ve diminished further.

I asked why he thought I’d be so suitable, and he said because I ask direct questions and expect full answers. I was surprised, because I didn’t know how he knew. Later, it occurred to me.

I interviewed him for his job. Hah.

11 comments on “Z comes to the point

  1. Z

    Exactly, Dave. Isn’t it funny?

    Mind you, you haven’t been interviewed by me. Me talking is not the same as me asking questions.

  2. Z

    Well, it was suggested that Spanish is a major world language and German isn’t. Not that I speak much Spanish, but I have a Latin and a French A level which helps a bit.

  3. The Preacherman

    I have enough trouble with English 😉

    Mind you so did the Lithuanians when I was trying to get a beer in 04.

    Maybe I’m Lithuanian and nobody’s told me?

    You can teach me anytime babe 😉

  4. Z

    The present tenant is paying £1400 pcm. Yes, it is a one bedroom flat. It’s in a very nice area, though. And it’s got a balcony.

    We could hic haec hoc together after a few beers, Preach.


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