The Sage has fun

Well, the Sage is happy. He got his eBay purchase for a lot less than his bid. He did his usual thing. “I’d just like to see what it goes for, I’m not bidding.”

“Hang on, I’ve just remembered something. Is this (produces item) the same pattern?” I confirm that it is. “Well, it would make a pair, wouldn’t it?”

We debate prices. I suggest a figure. He agrees. Then he mentions another figure. We decide to put in a lower amount, just to tickle up bidders (we don’t necessarily do this, we use different tactics depending on our level of interest and how flirtatious we’re feeling).

Ten minutes to go and we’re outbid. We bide our time. The Sage has decided on a price.

Not long to go. I say I should bid now. The Sage suddenly ups his bid. I enter it and spend the next moments pressing ‘refresh’.

He buys the item for slightly less than the price I’d suggested in the first place. The Sage is so happy that he deliberately runs up the price of another item from the same sellers, just to make sure they get a good price. Now he’s on the phone to them, for we’ve bought from them before.

If he had a tail, he’d be wagging it.

Oh, and the vendor is pleased to know the Sage has bought the piece. “It’s gone to a good home, then. No, I won’t charge you anything for postage. I know I can trust your cheque, I’ll put it in the post tomorrow.”

Made his day. I expect I’ll be brought a nice glass of whisky later, and a cup of coffee.

11 comments on “The Sage has fun

  1. Z

    I’m feeling snug and replete, thank you.

    Hello Id, haven’t seen you around for ages. Indeed it does. Not that I often buy there myself, because I’m not much of a shopper, but I bid for the Sage, who loves auctions whichever side of the room he’s on. Even if it’s a virtual room.

  2. martina

    I seem to get in enough trouble at consignment and antique shops in town, so eBay or other auctions would not be a good idea. Is Sage willing to show us a photo of his new purchase?

  3. Z

    Actually, Martina, you have to know and love the type of item to be charmed by it. Most of you, if seeing a picture would say “he paid HOW MUCH? For THAT?” I’d rather retain his sagacious reputation.

    I was indeed, Dave. If God didn’t want me to work on a Sunday then He shouldn’t have made me churchwarden and as for trading, I buy a newspaper already so am already beyond redemption.

  4. dharmabum

    i have somehow not come to buy something without actually touching and feeling and looking at it for real!!

    long time – how have you been? wishing you and family a very happy new year…

  5. PI

    E-bay sounds fascinating. Now I’ve mastered Amazon I must get my grand-daughter, when she comes at half term, to show me how.

  6. Z

    I know what you mean, Dharmabum. But if you know exactly what you’re looking for then it can work well. I don’t think of you as the world’s big shopper, somehow. Actually, nor am I.

    It is fun, I must say Pat. You still get something of the buzz of buying at auction, and it’s great to find something you’ve been looking for and can’t get in the shops. I’m not a great browser myself, and soon lose interest but some people enjoy that part of it too.

  7. Brom

    Ebay – so much fun. A mate of mine regularly bids on cars that he has no chance of winning… but one day… he did!

    Tell Sage to be careful

  8. Z

    Eek. Well, the Sage has been an auctioneer for well over 40 years so he should know the pitfalls. Better still, he has me in charge of the mouse. Though I’m very indulgent.


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