Z chuckles unsophisticatedly

It’s on Saturday nights that I chortle with glee as I watch television. No, I don’t watch Strictly Come Dancing. I’ve still never seen it. But I was recently introduced to the delights of Hole in the Wall with Dale Winton. I know, darlings, you didn’t think such mindless nonsense would appeal to a sophisticate such as I. And it does get better. What is more entertaining than Harry Hill’s TV Burp?

No, I don’t get out much.

11 comments on “Z chuckles unsophisticatedly

  1. Z

    D & D – you’re both more grown-up, albeit much younger, than I am.

    LOM, I giggle with anticipation every time at “BRING ON THE WALL!”

  2. badgerdaddy

    As far as I can tell, Harry Hill’s TV Burp is the only thing worth watching on TV. So why do I keep bloody missing it?

    I love the short bulletins – my favourite being “Woman posts invisible letter on Corrie”, followed by a clip of a woman posting and invisible letter in the background of a Corrie scene… Wonderful. When I do watch TV, that show has changed the way I watch it.

  3. Z

    I know, it’s at an awkward time for me too, I’m usually cooking dinner then. But I plan ahead (or record it, because planning ahead isn’t always my thing).


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