A Busted Flush

Today turned out to be better for me than for the Sage. The flush in Al’s shop loo had finally packed in and so his father offered to sort it out. First, he had to turn off the water, which took some effort as the stopcock hadn’t been turned for a long time and, of course, you have to be careful not to force it and break something vital (in a flood-prevention sense). Then he went and got the necessary small part and was going to take an hour or so finishing the job this morning. It all turned out to be more fiddly and time consuming than he’d hoped. The worst part was putting his hand in to siphon the water out. ‘It was clean though, right?’ said Weeza when we were chatting online a while ago. ‘I forbore to ask’ I said. I’m so glad I’m incapable of doing plumbing work and I have no intention of learning. I did offer to go and help, but the Sage said that there was not enough room for two people in the lavatory, so there wasn’t any point.

All done now, and Al owes his dad a drink or several.

And while we’re on the subject of a drink or several, the six churches in our benefice had a joint Advent Sunday service at 9.30, so I was footloose later when I’d normally have been churchwardening. So I pedalled happily down to the pub. B and S were there having a drink, having booked lunch as their kitchen is being redone at present and cooking Sunday lunch isn’t very possible. They charmingly invited me to join them. I rolled home repletedly and happily some two hours later.

That’s it, really. A nice leisurely afternoon, when I might just have closed my eyes to rest them for half an hour or so. Tilly needed cuddling, you see. She’s recently adopted the habit of licking the furniture. I hadn’t really noticed (there’s normally a throw or rug chucked on the sofa for her to lie on and that’s what she licks) but it annoyed Ro. So he looked up likely causes, and it’s apparently anxiety or attention-seeking. I don’t think it’s either, but it’s true that I haven’t been spending so much time on the sofa with her since moving my computer in the drawing room. I sit in a comfy armchair instead and peer over it towards the television if there’s anything I want to watch. I always have read while watching television, so there’s no difference. So Ro has resolved to give her attention when she’s not licking the sofa and ignore her when she is, and I’ve said I’ll snuggle up to her more. I still don’t think she’s anxious though. She’s very relaxed.

10 comments on “A Busted Flush

  1. marrtina

    The dogs here are licking their fur a lot, especially their toes. Their skin always gets dry in the winter. Maybe Miss Tilly is bored because she can’t frolic outside a lot like she does in the summer?

  2. Z

    It’s possible, Martina, but she’s never done it before. It’s not obsessive or anything else to worry about, I’d take no notice if it didn’t annoy Ro.

    You think it’s bad and then they move on to the next stage and it gets worse, Dave.

  3. Z

    He’s not well endowed in the hair department, ’tis true, Pat. But he can do everything except work a computer or the washing machine.

    Oh indeed, Can Bass. You hope for some happy anticipation, but what you get is the lugubrious O come, o come, Emmanuel, and it seems that He never actually will. I’m a rubbish organist, the Eric Morecambe* of organists, but I don’t hang about. I play briskly and with aplomb and get the long ones over and done with. Before I was a churchwarden, I then used to bugger off down to the pub, but now I have to hang around until everyone else leaves.

    I may reduce listeners to tears of laughter, but not in a good way. I’m meaning to compare myself with the divine Eric as pianist.

  4. martina

    Morecambe of Morecambe and Wise fame? I wish PBS would rebroadcast the classic comedy shows like Morecambe and Wise, the Two Ronnies and A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Benny Hill was a bit too racy for them.


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