Z changes the time on the car clock, only three days late!

I started the day with a number of intentions and they’d all been done by lunchtime (actually, one of them was to make soup for lunch).  So I suggested we go to Norwich and look at potential furniture – sofas and/or chairs.  We looked at a lot of furniture and sat on a lot of furniture and debated and then went to look at fabrics and mused a bit, and then I pulled out a material and LT said, that was just the one I was looking at too.

Yes, a spooky moment for Hallowe’en.

We’ll get the carpet down first and think about the rest afterwards.  We’ve got time.

Tomorrow, bacon will be started.  I note that, a year ago today, we ate our first home-cured bacon, so we’ll be at least a week behind that this year.  Maybe the nights were colder then – we do need a cold enough attic – or maybe we’re just slow off the mark.

I still have a lengthy to-do list, but it’s all in hand so far.  Except the planting of the bulbs, which should have been done before November.

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