There’s no accounting – except this week

The only reason I didn’t write a post yesterday was because Eloise cat was asleep on the chair by my computer.  I was brought up to know that dogs mattered rather more than I did, so obviously a cat does too.

I’ve spent the day on accounts and will write fifteen cheques tomorrow and post them – that is, I’ll post some of them on Wednesday because some of the cheques I paid in will clear on Thursday and others on Friday (the rest will be next Thursday, but I can cover those) and, though some people keep a cheque for a remarkably long time, I obviously must be sure I have available funds in case they all pay ’em in straight away.  And tomorrow, I’ll post out the china to commission bidders.  I aim to get all the paperwork done in a week.

I noticed this morning that today, a year ago, we tried our first home-cured bacon, which is a reminder to buy a piece of pork and make some again.  It really is fabulous stuff, far better than the watery apology for bacon that almost every butcher and supermarket sell.

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