Z catches up

I seem to have caught up, so back to five points –

1 Much of yesterday was spent writing letters of one sort and another.  One was a letter of condolence to Jill’s daughter.  Today will mostly be spent on office work and settling accounts.  I think the next batch of major bills will be the end of it.  House insurance, council tax and then we’ll be out of debt.  Although there are three family birthdays next month, so it’ll soon build up again.

2 The council tax-free period on the annex finishes at the end of this month so then we can furnish it.  I’m going to move my study in there, which is very kind of me because my present study is a lovely room and I’m letting the Sage have it.  On the other hand, the bungalow is going to be mine and I’m rather looking forward to that.

3 Can today go by without mentioning the weather?  I think not.  It’s snowing.  Melting as it hits the ground, but settling on the trees.  We’ve got it lightly compared to the rest of the country, however.  If there are floods or blizzards your way, my heartfelt sympathy.  It must be quite dreadful.

4 In spite of my best efforts, my feed reader now has 227 unread posts.  I shall read the rest of those written by friends (that is, if you’ve left comments, replied to my comments, had any personal contact) and delete the rest unread.  I’ve hardly glanced at the newspapers all week, read no books and have had too much other reading to do, so something has to give.  Not friends, though.

5 The Sage kindly cooked me bacon and egg for breakfast.  When I had eaten it, I kindly cooked the same for him.  This seems slightly odd, but it seemed to work and enabled both of us to be nice.  Actually, the fifth point was going to be something else, but I’ve forgotten what.

8 comments on “Z catches up

  1. allotmentqueen

    Oooh thank you, I obviously have qualified as a friend. (Now to see if I can do the Captcha, which as the second part looks like a fire exit sign may prove troublesome.)

  2. dinahmow

    About all those feeds you haven’t time to read and comment on…
    I am in much the same boat, in that I read them, but rarely comment on some. You are a case in point, I’m afraid!
    But the rain has eased enough for a trip to the tip. There! My exciting news-bet you’re relieved I don’t comment!

  3. Z

    Goodness, I don’t expect you to comment – I only mean that if I’ve had any contact with someone, I won’t delete their posts unread except in extremis (eg, getting home from holiday and finding 1000+ unread posts). Anyway, we can talk to each other when you’re here in June.

    Still snowing here. But you can keep the rain, the river will overflow again if we have any more of it.

  4. mig

    How lovely, cooking each other breakfast.
    We had the snow too – it ‘s still laying a bit as it’s been so cold today but not as thick as it was the other day. When is Spring going to arrive?


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