Z buys fireworks

Food is always the priority, it rained on and off and I couldn’t be bothered with the bonfire.  I have, however, practised the hymns for the Remembrance Sunday service tomorrow, including the National Anthem.  This isn’t hard to play, but took me by surprise the first time – which was many years ago – because I forgot about it.

I used to go along to the service, which was held in the open air, in Lowestoft.  It must have been the Sunday rather than Remembrance Day itself, because I’d have been at school during the week.  My father and, after his death, my mother, were town councillors and it was a civic thing, so I was hauled along.  It was quite moving, in fact, I didn’t mind.

I’ve taken the easy food option, with chicken and sausages, salad, bread and oven chips, with profiteroles and pavlova to follow.  I’ve also got marshmallows in case anyone feels like toasting them.  The weather is due to be better, apparently – really, it could hardly have been a wetter autumn unless it had actually flooded.

I finally got around to buying batteries for the new cat flap and Eloise has been through it, so it has, presumably, learned her microchip.  I’m not sure if she has been through again to set it – only because I haven’t looked – but it should have solved the problem of awful tabby RasPutin.  One doesn’t see him for a bit, then he’s back again.  I saw him a couple of days ago, growled at him and he backed off.  The kittens are getting big, the two black boys being stockier than their tabby brother.  He’s still the friendliest and boldest of the four, but now three of them cluster round my legs as I go across the field to feed them.  The fourth jumps over the fence and joins us at the last.  All of them start eating as soon as I put the food out, though, rather than hang back until I’ve moved away.

Update on Ziggi – she has had her first chemotherapy session and is waiting to see how it affects her.  I’ll be popping down to see her at the weekend, so will give her everyone’s love.

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  1. Glenda

    Yes, please give Ziggi my best wishes. Your celebration sounds like it will nice. We have Veterans Day this week. I wonder if there has ever been or ever will be a time when people aren’t in some type of physical conflict.


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