Z bustles

Yesterday afternoon, Rose suggested we sit in her garden and drink beer, so we did, though it wasn’t quite five o’clock at the time.  And then we suggested she join us for dinner, and it all got quite convivial and a bit boozy.

That sort of evening always puts a spring into my step, and I’ve been quite effective today.  I booked my car’s MOT for Monday – I have used a lovely local garage for years, but the owner has now retired and, sadly, the land is worth more as a building site than the business is as a going concern.  That reminded me that the car needs two new tyres, so that’s been done.  Between us, we’ve bought everything for the blog party, though a couple of things need to be picked up on Saturday morning.  Darlings, I’ve bought the puds from the local lovely cafe.  Gemma had a catering business before buying the cafe and still does outside work – we bought pâtés and desserts from her for our wedding, to lessen the cooking for us and, with the hot weather, frankly I can do without excess slaving over the stove and then having to keep everything in the fridge.  The fridge should be big enough, but two shelves are pretty well full of jars of sauces and jams and so on.  I suppose food has fewer preservatives than formerly, if it’s good quality, and my kitchen is quite warm usually, because of the Aga, but it does take up the space.

I’ve also made an appointment with the accountant to sign my tax return, watered the garden, been out for lunch, made the marinade for the fabulous spicy chicken – I can’t remember all I’ve done.  It’s been good to be busy.  I always used to be and, actually, it’s fabulous to have a lot less pressure nowadays, but pulling myself up a bit is a very good thing.

Something arrived in the post today that you’ll be sure to spot on Saturday, since everyone who’s coming has visited before.  If you don’t, you’ll be identified as even less observant than I am, and I don’t think that’s actually possible.

7 comments on “Z bustles

  1. Blue Witch

    You’ve reworded that last para since I read it earlier, haven’t you? Please say yes… Because if not, there really is no hope left for me.

    Given what I *thought* it said before, and what you’ve now written, I might already have guessed. Might.

    1. Z Post author

      Dammit, I wrote an apology for being ambiguous with the word post, and it didn’t … er … post! Yes, I rephrased it, thank you for pointing it out.

      1. Z Post author

        Oh, and I’m sure you are right, since I have mentioned it here before. Waiting to see if Rose notices, as I didn’t mention it to her!


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