Z bluffs

I mentioned that I’d tidied the study. Well bugger that. I’ll not be trying that sort of idiocy again. I was about to leave for my meeting in Bury St Edmunds and reached for my papers. Half an hour later I finally left, having rifled through reams of tree-pulp, empty-handed.

“Drive carefully, don’t go too fast” said an anxious Sage, knowing I’d be late. “That is a very unhelpful thing to say!” I snapped.

Of course, I’d not be late for the meeting. I’m actually pretty punctilious about punctuality. All I was late for was the lunchtime buffet. The two colleagues who were also going to the meeting were worried though. It was necessary to give a report and neither of them had a clue what to say. Neither had I, in that I hadn’t prepared in advance, but you know that wouldn’t stop me. Stand me on my feet (yeah, yeah, I’m not going to be standing on my hands, am I. Be cheeky though, and I might stand on your feet) in front of a roomful and I’ll talk as if I know what I’m saying.

Someone asked what to do if a lecturer didn’t turn up. I murmured to my neighbour “I’ve got a lecture, just no pictures to go with it.” This is true. I went to a lecture back in September on my Specialist Subject and I could have done it, to a roomful of non-experts.

Anyway, the meeting finished early and I congratulated the Chairman, not only on the earliness but on his chairmanship. I meant it, too. I’ve known him slightly for some years and have always found him slightly distant, but he’s terrific in this job. Very friendly, warm, but with excellent control of the meeting. Once introduced, he remembers everyone and makes sure he remembers something about them too, always a charmingly flattering thing to do.

Young Ro took the morning off work. He had the afternoon off anyway – a few months ago, his boss offered him every other Friday afternoon in return for an extra half hour four days a week. He came downstairs with a deeply croaky voice. I urged chilli and ginger upon him. He, doubtfully, has taken my advice and now can’t tell where his tongue is. I am sure he will be completely recovered by tomorrow.

3 comments on “Z bluffs

  1. maggie

    z, i always find my stuff faster before my housekeeper comes and tidy the place.

    sometimes, the brain does work better in a messy environment!

  2. Z

    I like to have a structure in which I can be as riotously messy as I like. For example, I use box files instead of a filing cabinet, because even if each box is a complete jumble, what it contains is specific.

    However, work in progress doesn’t get filed as I’ll forget it exists, and this can build up.

    No one but me is allowed to touch my papers.

  3. Wendz

    I am spending my Saturday afternno reorganisimg my kitchen cupboards. Everything was emptied before the floor was laid and so it’s the perfect opportunity to sort it all out…I reckon it’ll take a while though to find everything…we get so used to opening the right door or drawer to get what we want..it’ll be all fun and games for a few weeks.

    Hope Ro is better today. You’d think winter bugs would just take a hint and go into hibernation now.


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