Waiting by the telephone, just the thoughts ramble

I suddenly remembered this morning that I’ve had my car a year so a) the MOT test needs to be booked for the end of the month and b) I haven’t had an insurance renewal. I checked the policy – 3rd March – so I telephoned.

I’ve used the same company for years, because their agent, Steve, is a lovely bloke and they give good service at a cheaper price than the company we used to use. However, a year or so ago they decided to centralise everything and now Steve no longer calls. I still deal with them as their call centre people have lovely Manchester accents and are helpful.

A nice woman called Christine answered. She spent some time sounding puzzled and agreed that, indeed, my policy renewal reminder hasn’t been sent out. She is going to phone back when she tracks down what has happened.

Which is why I’m writing, as I have to sit by the phone and not get stuck into other work that will distract me.

The post has just arrived, with my tickets for the Aldeburgh Festival this year. I was surprised when my son offered to come to a concert with me and my husband to another. I asked if they’d like to look at the programme to pick a concert. “Nah, that’s all right” they said, “We won’t know anything about it anyway.”

I told Ro that, for under 27s, the tickets are half price. He was amused and wondered how old most of the audience are…and agreed to come to two concerts with me. Three visits are enough, in a fortnight, so none of them will be solitary ones. That’ll be lovely.

Made me wonder a bit though, both of them actually volunteering for this – is it ‘be kind to Z’ week?

The other day, I needed to find something in a hurry, that could not be discovered in the piles of paper I call a filing ‘system’ I was obliged to tidy the whole study. I haven’t actually filed everything in its proper place yet, but the room is fearsomely tidy. One thing I found, that had been missing for a bit, was my iPod recharger which is good. I knew it was in here somewhere.

Christine rang back. The department is still busy. She asked if it’s still all right for me to wait. I think that was pretty helpful actually, not just leaving me waiting and wondering if she’d forgotten me.

I suppose I might as well do some work while I’m waiting. Ho hum.

Update – Christine now tells me they no longer do fully comprehensive policies, with anyone able to drive the car. Only 3 named drivers. That means I have to choose between five children, a sister and a husband. I’m plumping for the two children who don’t have a car (and therefore can’t drive mine on their own insurance with 3rd Party cover) and my husband. I need to give full details and I can’t remember my son-in-law’s middle name. I have emailed to ask him. Memory like a sieve, I have.

9 comments on “Waiting by the telephone, just the thoughts ramble

  1. Imperatrix

    You’d think if they stopped doing comprehensives, they’d let people know! Oh, well, at least the phone person was nice…

    Listen, I just came across info you might find interesting. There is a company, named blurb that takes your blog content, and lets you turn it into a book (paperback or hardbound) (it looks like they do international shipping, btw). I first read about it here, and she had a positive review of her experience working with them.

    I thought of your family story posts — wouldn’t that be a neat way to put it together for your kids?

  2. Z

    If there hadn’t been a cock-up on the communication front, I’d have been told that in the renewal letter. Never mind.

    Thank you for the other info, that’s really thoughtful of you. I’ll look into it.

  3. martin

    Hello, Beware of thinking that your car would be insured third party on anothers insurance. I heard a chap from the insurance ombudsman that in general insurance companies mean that a person can move the car at the scene of an accident to a place of safety. He advised that you check with your company what they’re policy is. As per norm they have the final word !. Nothing is ever as clear as it seems………

  4. Z

    Thanks Martin. I’ve checked that I’m insured to drive other cars 3rd party (and I am) and I’ll get the rest of my family to check too with their policies. My son is insured with the same company I am, but I don’t know about my sister or daughter-in-law.

    My company said that they had changed to ‘only in an emergency’ but have now changed back again -because it caused such problems over the definition of an emergency, I presume.

    I love bloggers. We care for each other so much. Again, thanks.

  5. Newbie

    I’ve just read your meme – it makes you sound so lovely!

    Apart from the sniffing of the dogs paws though… that is very very strange. I like the idea that you were a bloodhound in a previous life.

    I think I was a skinny stray cat, hence the current fierce independence streak and love of any food at all.

  6. dharmabum

    every post of urs, z, is so warm and brings a smile on to my face. thank u so much!

    my memory is like a sieve too – only, one that’s used to separate big rocks from bigger ones, probably – i just can’t remember a thing. and considering the fact that i’m not even 30, i think thats weird.

    the MOT test is an interesting thing. for us in india, once a veihicle has been registered, u can drive it for 20 years. so now u know where all the ppllution comes from ;o)

  7. Z

    For many years, Angelina, my dogginess was something I kept to myself. I know why now, I’ve caused more bemusement…

    We have to have our cars tested each year, Dharmabum, to make sure they are roadworthy and for vehicle emissions. Only cars under 3 years old are exempt.

    I wish I were in India right now. *sigh* (this isn’t significant. At any given moment, I wish I were in India.)

  8. PI

    Maybe husband and son are concerned as to who you may be sitting next to – if they read your blog. They don’t want you bolting

  9. Z

    You remember me chatting up my neighbour at the concerts last year don’t you, Pat.

    I’d be highly appreciative of this amount of concern over my behaviour. Sadly, they know me too well and just grin indulgently.

    Neither of them reads the blog, only my daughter.


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