Z and LT’s blog party

I’m looking at my diary with a view to planning this year’s blog party, if we hold one – LT and I are willing, so it’s up to you, the potential guests.  As always, it’s open house but we need to know if you might be coming, just so we can plan.  You’re welcome to stay over as well, but of course we’d need to know that too.  But first, the date.

June or the first half of July is probably best from the point of view of the weather and not clashing with school holidays, though May is not out of the question.  There’s only one weekend in June we can’t manage (the Aldeburgh Festival, darlings) so, if you’d like to come along, then please let me know which dates you can or specifically can’t manage and we will see if we can find a good day.  I’ll assume a Saturday lunchtime, but the corresponding Sunday would be fine too.

June – 3rd (though that’s the end week of half term), 17th or 24th.

July – 1st, 8th or 15th – in Norfolk, schools break up on Friday 21st and I know some people like to avoid the holidays for one reason or another.

Of course, there is nothing to say you have to be a blogger or a blog reader or anything else at all.  Just that, if you would like to come, you are welcome.  It should go without saying, but Z is never knowingly understated,  that all allergies and food preferences of any sort are catered for.  We take it in our stride, it’s our pleasure.

Update – Not 3rd June, 8th July or 15th July.  So that leaves:-

17th  or 24th June or 1st July.  Any of those are fine for us.

Update two – two guests can only make the 17th June, so that’ll be the date.  Hope you can come – actually, if you all come we’ll have to hire a marquee, but we look forward to seeing many of you.



5 comments on “Z and LT’s blog party

  1. Zed

    Any weekend except July 8 as I’m going to try doing a Neal’s Yard Remedies stall at a street fair. Could do one at yours’ if you like 😉 may we stay over please darling?

  2. Vicus Scurra

    Can’t do July 8th, but please do not take my availability into consideration as I failed miserably to make it last year.

  3. Z Post author

    3rd June, 8th July and 15th July have been ruled out, which leaves 17th or 24th June or 1st July. Any of those are fine for us.

    1. Z Post author

      Thanks Alan – as you know, we’re very relaxed about it and just let us know when you can. If space for overnight guests turns out to be tight, I’ll let you know if you need to bag a bed!


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