One more step along the world Z goes

Tonight, I’m looking forward.  And what am I looking forward to, you cry?  Or some of you do, anyway.  Well, surely at least one.  You’re all going to find out, darlings, anyway, because ‘never knowingly undershared’ is the Z way.

  • I’m expecting my seed order to arrive tomorrow and am absurdly excited.  Growing vegetables has to be about hope, innit?
  • Also tomorrow, Ro, Dora and Rufus are coming to visit.  Rufus is cutting his first tooth and finding it a bit trying, but he’s able to sit up independently now and it’s been two or three weeks since we’ve seen him, so I’m excited about that.
  • We have a date for the blog party: Saturday 17th June.  I love our blog parties – is this the sixth or seventh?  I’ve lost count.    I only see some of you once a year so look forward to that, and there are usually some newcomers, which is such a joy.  You don’t, of course, need to be bloggers, there are no rules at all because LT and I don’t do restrictions, just a welcome.
  • Yagnub is inching its way to a degree of modernity in terms of its mobile phone coverage and internet connection.  The other day, it vanished entirely (one was all right on one’s home broadband, though) and it gradually became known that they were working on the mobile phone mast.  And a couple of days later, it started to return and it was discovered we had 3G.  Woo hoo.  There has never been any useful internet in the town and LT’s mobile provider doesn’t let him have a signal in the house or various other places.Or rather, it didn’t.  I’m told that the full upgrade will take the whole of next week, by which time we’ll have 4G.  I’ll not be raising my expectations too high, but a modicum of hope is not to be ruled out.  It can be a bit tetchifying to be notified that one has received an email (from someone whom one really wants to hear) but that it can’t be downloaded until one gets home.
  • I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep.  Because I’m about due and I’m really quite tired.

5 comments on “One more step along the world Z goes

  1. Z Post author

    I don’t differentiate, I notice, between mobile coverage and mobile internet coverage. The former was uncertain, the latter was rubbish. Both should be better, in a nutshell.

  2. Blue Witch

    You’ve got better mobile and internet coverage than us. At more than twice the distance from London. Fab.

    17th June is my Half Witch-Day, threfore a wholly appropriate date 🙂 That’s not to say that we’ll be there of course.

    1. Z Post author

      I doubt that we did but I hope that we will by the end of the week. Much better, that is, not necessarily than yours. But O2, though best here, is absolutely non-existent at Weeza’s village. It’s very variable throughout Norfolk.

      As always, you’re very welcome if you’d like to come. No hurry in letting us know, of course.

  3. Blue Witch

    Just checked, for other purposes:

    Internet speed: Line 1: 0.43MB
    Internet speed Line 2: 0.62MB (my god a record!)

    Of course I’m not paying for either service (with 2 separate providers), as they are so poor. We have one line each, because that’s the only way we can use the internet at all.

    And, because the provider working with the county council filled in the official return incorrectly, stating they can supply our postcode (when they can’t and don’t, which I have in writing) we also don’t qualify for the CC’s scheme to get at least 5MB to each household in the county in a different way.

    1. Z Post author

      the BT website professes not to be able to tell that the computer is using a BT hub, so can’t tell me the speed of my connection. Seems a bit fishy to me.


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